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Recent drug seizure affecting assent to Drugs Amendment Act

Governor Augustus Jaspert and Police Commissioner Michael Matthews

Governor Augustus Jaspert has indicated the recent seizure of 2,300 kilograms of cocaine in the BVI has contributed to his lack of assent to the Drugs (Prevention of Misuse) Amendment Act 2020 which elected representatives submitted to his office months ago.

The drugs have an estimated value of a quarter-billion dollars and represent the largest such seizure ever in a UK territory.

Local representatives have been complaining that no explanation has been given for the Governor’s lack of assent to the bill which would decriminalise possession of small amounts of cannabis and erase some previous convictions.

However, in a December 10 statement, Governor Jaspert said considerations for the Drugs (Prevention of Misuse) Amendment Act 2020 “have been complicated by the increasing number of illegal drugs seizures that have taken place here in recent months – particularly the record-breaking seizure of more than 2,300 kilos of cocaine in early November”.

“Criminal investigations are ongoing, but these instances show that a significant scale of illegal drug trafficking is taking place here. Ministers in the UK are concerned by this and by BVI’s vulnerability to regional organised crime, especially given that the UK holds overall responsibility for BVI’s security and international relationships. I know many others, including myself, share these concerns,” Governor Jaspert explained.

UK Foreign Secretary to decide

Governor Jaspert explained that the bill has been passed on to the UK Foreign Secretary who wants to give further consideration; exploring the possible effects of decriminalising the possession of a recreational drug and thereby potentially increasing its trade. 

“He has therefore instructed me to pass the bill to him for assent, so that he may consider alongside wider factors including the security of the region, the UK’s work in the region and the recent United Nations’ decisions. I expect that once BVI’s licensing authority is fully operational in regulating the medicinal marijuana industry, some of these concerns relating to recreational drugs may be mitigated,” Governor Jaspert said.

He explained that the BVI constitution gives the Foreign Secretary the power to instruct a Governor in this way, adding that the UK is trying to keep the BVI safe.

“The Foreign Secretary does not use this power lightly, but believes this bill requires further consideration at the most senior levels in London in order to reassure the people of BVI and international partners,” Governor Jaspert’s statement read.

He continued: “I will endeavour to keep the people of BVI updated and am extremely grateful to the people and the Government for their patience as both bills were under consideration in the UK. As I said before, UK officials stand ready to start work with BVI in order give the Territory the support we require to make this new industry a success. I am pleased that we are now at a point where we can move forward and hope both bills can receive assent soon.”

CLICK HERE for the governor’s full statement

Governor explains lack of assent Cannabis Licensing Act

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  1. Bystander says:

    Those Brits, eh fuss, fuss, fuss, all they care about is stopping one of their territories being turned into a failed and corrupt statelet by incredibly well resourced organized criminals within the region, much to the displeasure of their most important ally the US! It’s not done Mexico any harm, so why can’t we have a go! How unreasonable!

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    • Your confuzed says:

      Yea they are fighting in Mexico because the war on drugs was a massive success. Prohibition does not skyrocket criminal profits. Alcohol prohibition did not create wealthy gangs. Being smart means making the same mistake over and over. Carry on.

      • Recalled 9 month early says:

        Is there nothing he will not say to distract from the fact that he has been recalled 9 months early, and that he is concerned that signing the legislation will prejudice his career prospects in national security when he gets back to the Uk.

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  2. Disheartening says:

    Everyone seems to be taking us for fools. The premier and now the governor. What does the recent cocaine bust has to do with recreational marijuana usage? The bill was held up long before the drug bust even. The dishonesty floating around is just soo disheartening. Just tell the truth. Whatever your real concerns are just say it. The principle of transparency applies to actions of the governor as well not just the local government.

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    • The Truth. says:

      The truth is, history has taught that the British, among the other colonialist forces, have always destroyed our/The Black man’s accomplishments, from the first moment of first contact to present.

      Why is any one surprised then, of a no assent to a bill by a Brit.that will benefit the Black population and government?

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      • @The Truth says:

        So true. Here is a quote from one of the past great leaders that every child should learn his works…

        “Our mistake, the mistake we Africans made, was to have forgotten that the enemy never withdraws sincerely.

        He never understands. He capitulates, but he does not become converted….. #FrantzFanon on.

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  3. Belonger says:

    Thank you Gov for taking your time continuing to look at the big picture.
    These things have serious implications and take serious planning- can’t flip flop on it like the border reopening.

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  4. Just saying says:

    LOL. They will never let that through. I’m just saying. Try to google Phillip May, the husband of the former Prime Minister and his companies involvement in British weed industry lol. Ironic isn’t it.

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  5. Quiet Warrior says:

    Gus is blowing smoke out his a…s. The cannabis legislation is for medical marijuana (CBD), not THC, is it not? Her Majesty does not have a problem assenting to bills passed by the House of Commons and Lords. The last bill that was not assented to was the Scottish Militia Act of 1708 under the reign of Queen Anne. Stop p…g on us and telling us it is raining. Stop letting your personal view thwart the will of the people through their duly elected representatives. Good riddance.

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  6. ha says:

    coke is the problem, weed get the blame

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  7. PT9 says:

    A picture of Governor Augustus Jasper and Police Commissioner Michael Matthews out in public with no mask very good example for the public. What is wrong with these people?

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    • Guy Hill says:

      @PT9. If you look at the picture you will notice that it’s not recent, not even this year or last year. There are currently no trees by UP’s Cineplex of the sort and the building on the right has been completed. Back up your comments with facts.Whats wrong with you?

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    • dumb dumb says:

      if you dumb self look at the picture you will realize its a pic taken even before Irma. Look at the old wooden house in the background that’s definitely not there since September 7 2017. Picky with with b.s

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  8. Talking Garbage says:

    Call BS! On his reasoning

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  9. strupes says:

    Bull shake! What planting ganja has to do with cocaine?

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  10. Norris Turnbull says:

    “The drugs have an estimated value of a quarter-billion dollars and represent the largest such seizure ever in a UK territory.”

    This statement is false?

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  11. Bad reasoning says:

    I told you all gus was a wicked child

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  12. And says:

    now you continue to feel, see and live what it is like to be ruled and governed by people not of your own, and whose interest is not in sync with and is diametrically opposite to yours.

    Amazingly, a very large percentage of our people loves and is loving the colonial boot upon neck, even though they can’t breathe, unfortunately.

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  13. Rubber Duck says:

    After independence, what would prevent well armed wealthy drug cartels from taking over the country?

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    • Norris Turnbull says:

      @Rubber Duck…That wont happen.

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    • Yawn says:

      I expect this Neanderthal mindset from some old person not someone who is 41. So while most countries around the world move to decriminalize marijuana use because it is really stupid to put people in jail or wasting the Court’s time for smoking a joint the Governor is comparing this to smuggling massive bales of cocaine.

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    • @Rubber Duck says:

      You are one stupid human being not only judging by this foolish comment but all of your previous comments. The UN would not just standby while any country is taken over by criminals. To even think that is possible shows a disconnect from reality and ignorance of history.

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  14. Trail of Hopelessness says:

    Mentally enslaved, remain in denial, yet Truth glares them in their eyes and lives every single day. Chakabaya chikatyokera.

    Out of physical bondage we are, but walking and living a life of hopelessness.

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  15. Good job says:

    Governor J, thank you so much. Don’t pass this bill. It is not good for this territory.

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  16. Anonymous says:

    BVI population is considered by some to many non Black as sub-human species in their land of birth.

    Mentally, it is plain to see why we are so susceptible to the daily ridicule, hatred, professional, economic and social mal-treatment, because we accept it.

    Last, name one country, large or small, that has been overtly taken over by a drug cartel?

    We buy into the propaganda without thinking through anything other than what is fed into the mouth.

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  17. @And says:

    In this world and in life, shouldn’t every body have the right to rule and govern themselves and them business? Just asking a loaded question.

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  18. Norris Turnbull says:

    @Rubber Duck…That wont happen.

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  19. Funny says:

    It really is funny how the UK is acting in this matter. Apparently they have all forgotten about the opium wars in China long time ago. Just look into it and then start again with your argumentation.

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  20. WrongWay says:

    This cannabis bill is all wrong anyhow.
    It commits our govt and many of our farmers to growing weed on the back of loans and rents and equipment outlays, all on the basis they will make their money back, big.
    But who in the world needs BVI weed? Everyone can grow weed in most countries of the world. Not like we have the best weed, best soil, climate or location. We just have a measly contract with a questionable business that is as permanent as a leaf in a hurricane.
    As soon as contract ends, economy shifts, market collapses, BVI will be left high and dry with an ‘industry’ that has no customers.
    And to make it all even more completely insane, they still going to want to arrest our own for growing and smoking a little piece of harmless weed!
    Everyone involved, including nativist cheerleaders trying to make it seem like Gus is trying to sabotage local/black people yaddayaddaNonsense – everyone missing that this is a big giant bale of nothing.

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  21. Observer says:

    For those people who like to behave like the BVI is an independent Territory.

    “Criminal investigations are ongoing, but these instances show that a significant scale of illegal drug trafficking is taking place here. Ministers in the UK are concerned by this and by BVI’s vulnerability to regional organised crime, especially given that the UK holds overall responsibility for BVI’s security and international relationships. I know many others, including myself, share these concerns,” Governor Jaspert explained.

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  22. New says:

    you will not get from BBC or nowhere else.

    It has been researched and thus stated tgat in the UK, one hundred people were paid $100, 000.00 each to take the vaccine.

    And, all 100 people have died. This is the news they will never let out because they want to vaccinate the world into being robots.

    It is therefore advised that everyone should and must do diligent and deep research before taking anything, and ask lots of questions before consenting to put anything into your body. As,, the world is ruled y a few wicked minds.

  23. YOUTH says:

    The Governor has turn out to be a d*****or.

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