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Retirees too! BVIHSA urgently needs COVID response medical staff

The Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital in Road Town

Coming under significant strain as the current COVID-19 upsurge impacts its staff, the BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) has issued an urgent call for trained, experience, and retired healthcare workers to join its team.

The Authority said this unfavourable situation has resulted in, “significant hardship for the employees of the BVIHSA who have been working under enormous pressure since the pandemic began in March of 2020”.

These critically requested healthcare workers are, therefore, being called upon to assist the BVIHSA to better respond to the current COVID 19 outbreak. Their role will be on an as-needed basis. And since COVID is a fluid situation, the BVIHSA said a definite duration for such employment is difficult to determine at this time.

But once hired, the healthcare workers will be assigned to what the BVIHSA describes as a COVID-19 Clinical Locum Bank that Acting CEO Cedorene Malone-Smith requested to be established immediately.

The implementation of this locum bank is aimed at sustaining the BVI Health Services Authority’s ability to continue to respond effectively to the current COVID 19 outbreak.

“As an organisation, we are constantly being tested and this unfortunate public health crisis is yet another hurdle we must overcome. Nonetheless, we remain committed to our motto that only ‘excellence counts’ even as we work through the significant challenges this situation has caused. This locum bank is critical right now; not only to provide urgently needed staff support, but to ensure that the BVI community receives the best medical care possible,” Malone-Smith stated.

The locum bank is open to all trained, qualified, and registered healthcare workers in the territory. This includes senior and retired clinicians. 

Interested persons are asked to email the BVIHSA at [email protected] to request a registration form.

As of 9 pm on Wednesday, July 14, the BVI had 1,559 active cases and five COVID-related deaths. The Health Ministry’s hospital summary indicates that one person died in the emergency room of the hospital, three died on is COVID-19 ward, and one died in the Intensive Care Unit.


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  1. Baz says:

    Where are the Cubanos?

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  2. Lol says:

    Ayo wasn’t paying so much of them properly, now is back yuh want them come! Smh businesses take note!

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  3. Dog puke says:

    Life is funny ain’t it??? Some of the same foreigners that yall don’t like and some that you forced out of their Jobs….are the same ones you want help from SMH

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    • Lia says:

      some of the same foreigners in top positions keep out locals and treat them poorly as well. whoever work will be paid. watch you all flocking to the foe and not because you so badly want to help either.

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    • Wise up says:

      Love this god don’t sleep.All the expat should just get up and leave now let’s see what will happen.
      Persons here for over 15 years and still work permit wicked people.

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  4. follow the rules says:

    Please insist that any foreigners volunteering obtain work permits and receive immigration clearance….they could try and sneak in this way….

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  5. yaa says:

    Hope you are not bringing them back again to incur debt on the government again.

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  6. Smith says:

    So you reopen the borders entirely and only NOW asking for help to beef up the BVIHSA? Hon. Malone and the Premier continously bragged about spending $12 million on COVID upgrades at the Hospital and here we are, another set of bold face lies. The same UK they want us to pull away from, the same UK that they continue to disrespect with their childish ways, is the same UK that they now rely on for any assistance.

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  7. Step up says:

    How about you Orlando? Picko?

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  8. RN says:

    There are a number of medical professionals from the BVI who live and work abroad. I know for a fact that some were trying to return home, and their applications were not even acknowledged. Interesting how things happen. I trust the BVI is able to get the much needed assistance, but we have to be careful how we treat people because we may need them one day.

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  9. Dread says:

    Can you imagine if the 2 Docs were running this covid ship?

  10. Facts says:

    Ms Malone Smith dont know how to run the Hospital in the crisis she no qualified.

  11. Truth says:

    You are so right tell Ms Malone Smith that once more. Sad affair.

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