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Returning resident tests positive for COVID-19

Positive coronavirus test sample

There’s now one positive COVID-19 case in the BVI.

The government has announced that the person is a returning resident who is now under quarantine on Tortola.

This brings to 73, the number of positive cases that have been identified in the BVI since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The BVI will provide more information as it becomes available.

This positive case puts a small dent in the BVI’s impressive record of more than 40 days without a positive COVID-19 case in the territory. The tourism industry is also set to officially reopen on December 1.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Big mistake opening up.p

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  2. Fed up says:

    Big mistake opening up.

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  3. Heckler says:

    Test positive on day 13. How many will be missed with this 4 day quarantine?

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    • DB Cooper says:

      Day 13??? It does not say that

    • The watchman says:


    • Tongue Fu says:

      @ Heckler

      Unless you know something we don’t know where does the story say that he/she was tested on the 13th Day?

      The reality is that any Government who believes they can stop or prevent this virus from coming in is either delusional or lacking reason. The idea should be to mitigate the risk of the spread of the virus. A test within 5 days of arrival then another 4-5 days in quarantine that means you are tested 3 times in 10 days. That is what we call risk mitigation.

      We need to quit with the scaremongering and move on with our lives. Covid is here for a while so we must co-exist. The system is working as this person is in quarantine as they should be. Vulnerable persons take precautions by avoiding crowds and building up your immune system. All of us need to do our part by washing hands, wearing masks or social distancing where necessary.

      Let us focus on rebuilding this country please. Our one dimensional focus on covid has placed many people in poverty or on the brink of it.We cannot continue to allow COVID to dictate our lives.

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  4. Rubber Duck says:

    I thought residents were not returning unroll Dec 1st.

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  5. The Reaper says:

    Question?I want too know…. if this person had known,they have COVID before leaving that country,,,Two, Or They trick the system by false documentation .fake scanning ,pay u a change to let me by,jus between me and you . You Know that kind of way…..Borders opening up and the COVID Start….Sad ..This is Madness.So When Trump supporters come ..Tell me?,Hmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Expat says:

      People are arriving at Beef and not even being asked for their Covid tests.

    • Yup says:

      Many many Trump supporters visit and have homes in the BVI. Do you think the Black Live looters and criminals own anything? Of course not. They want everything free just like the Belongers. Just remember the Trump supporters will be taking the vaccine so you don’t have to worry. Also you all have your herbs and teas. Drink up and shut up.

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      • @ Yup says:

        Many, many Trump supporters and others inherited blood money from their ancestors, [they didn’t take those slave profits to their graves with them] allowing them to come here, purchase lands and buy homes, while the offspring of that bloody money, who were left to fend for themselves, had and still has no wealth to build on, because his ancestry was robbed of the privilege to build and pass down wealth.

        So, those today the enslaver benefactor can sit in his segregated community in his house and insult the offspring of their blood money looters.

        Should be aware of how they came about such wealth in the first instance, and that human beings are the ones he/she is referring to, and who may not take those kinds of insults lightly, as they are totally inhumane and the second instance.

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        • @@Yup says:

          You are so stupid it makes ones eyes cross. First and foremost, all the people who have Villas and are Trump supporters have no relationship to any wealth from slavery. In fact, they are self made which occurred through education and hard work. There are very few people worldwide that can trace any money they have back to slavery. Second, and most importantly, the slaves in the BVI were left the land when slavery ended. The land that the Trump supporters built Villas on was purchased from descendants of the slaves for millions of dollars making these people quite wealthy. Third, if you were to visit Africa where your relatives still live you would see how much better your lives are because your ancestors were slaves. Just having clean drinking water is something you should be grateful for. Last, if you cleared your racist thoughts from your empty head you would realize that the whites are not the cause of your situation. You yourself are the reason you are have what you have.

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          • @@@Yup says:

            One-sided view and lacking thought. However, I agree that with education and hard work (which are both available) one can change his own situation.
            A lot of wealth was made from slavery and from stealing from Africa. You should take a look at how the wealth is made and how it is maintained. Your eyes need a little opening up.

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  6. Leveller says:

    Lockdown. Take the same approach as the first case. Jacinder is loved. Foy can be too if only we move fast and hard.

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  7. Facts says:

    Does this person have symptoms or is it just a test result……which can be faulty

  8. Reply says:

    I trust the person who has tested positive for covid makes a full recovery.

    It appears that whatever screening system the government has in place to detect covid among incoming residents is working. That’s a good thing, and credit needs to be given for that.

    Now, it’s is very likely that we will see more and more of these cases as the border opens. At this moment, the covid cases are spiking around the globe. It is inevitable more cases will be found.

    Our hope, specifically the worlds hope in bringing this pandemic under control lies in a once in a generation global vaccination program.

    Meanwhile, screening, testing, donning mask, hand washing and social distancing remains effective tools we should all continue to use to minimize person to person spread.

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