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Road Town flood risk study made public, says gov’t

Scene from a presentation at the St Georges High School on Tortola.

Initial findings of a Hydrology and Flood Risk study of the Road Town capital has been made public.

During the first staging of the annual ‘Flood Protection Awareness Week,’ government’s hydrology team shared information on how to reduce flood risks, based on the data gathered from students, businesses, and other members of the community.

The ongoing study, which began in May 2017, is expected to be completed by July.

The study focused on the options for flood reduction in Road Town and other areas while mapping the levels of risks, identifying cost-effective drainage improvements, and developing drainage policies and plans.

Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Communications and Works, Jeremy Hodge said Flood Protection Awareness Week was an opportune time for the government to build a relationship with the community to mitigate the risk of floods.

He said the knowledge will aid in securing life and property in the event of another flood or disaster.

Substantial work to begin

In the meantime, recommendations for substantial work in the areas most prone to having severe flooding is underway.

A government media release said the undertaking will help to protect residences, businesses, homes, and other properties.

The study, which will serve as a guide for the government to rebuild the road infrastructure, will provide experts with the high-risk areas thus enabling them to design suitability for drains and other related systems to lessen the chances of flooding.

Ghuts and drains being cleared

Hodge said recommendations from the study include how to reduce the threat of flooding through a comprehensive programme on ghut and drain clearing.

As a result of the recommendations, the Public Works Department has been working to keep local drains clear of debris.

The initiative is a collaboration among government agencies including the Ministry of Communications and Works, Department of Disaster Management, and the Ministry of Finance’s Project’s Unit.


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  1. Reality says:

    WTF….clear out all the ghuts that are piled full of debris, rubbish, trees etc nobody manages this or maintains them – don’t need a fancy report to tell you that – Government Muppets!

  2. Huh!!!!! says:

    That is a lie from the pits of hell. What do they mean PWD is clearing the local ghuts? Ha! Well I must be blind with all of the garbage and mud from still last years flood that we had.
    What a mess…..

    • ??? says:

      “As a result of the recommendations, the Public Works Department has been working to keep local drains clear of debris.”

      Maybe he didn’t get to finish his sentence. They have been working to clear them the day before disaster strikes. This place is so comical. How we survive is a mystery.

  3. BVI Strong says:

    Who are these foreigners to come here and tell us what to do? We don’t need them; we know already. I hope they got work permits!

    • BVI Weak says:

      A country is only as good as its people and weak Uneducated ,small minded people like you is the reason “BVI Strong” will NEVER exist.If the BVI had as much competency in this field as you claim… August 8th of last year would have never happened!Accept help and get off of your ill directed high horse,to see if we ACTUALLY get somewhere for a change.Tired of you BVIslanders and your ridiculous mentalities.

      -A very annoyed BVIslander

    • Reality says:

      Unfortunately we do… as they actually tell us what we are too lazy to see or do anything about – its usually a delay tactic by the government but more importantly another opportunity for a few stuffed brown envelopes….why make it simple when you can prolong it as long as possible to be told something completely obvious! The expats here would be conscientious and believers in making a difference to our infrastructure we should never disrespect them …be grateful for the much needed external help we need as without it we would be totally screwed – look at CGB for example… do you want that for the whole island? no so support them….

  4. Albion says:

    Another set of consultants and another report. But like all the others, nobody will ever act upon it or change their behavior.

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