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RVIPF will be cracking down on jaywalking

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) will soon be enforcing the laws which prohibit jaywalking in the territory.

This is according to Head of the Police Traffic Division, Sergeant (Sgt) Augustus Bruce who told BVI News that the RVIPF will be clamping down on jaywalkers to ensure that residents utilise the pedestrian crossings in the territory.

“Although we have a law in place where persons can be ticketed for crossing the public road where a pedestrian crossing is not installed, very soon it is our intention to start enforcing that section of law to force pedestrians to use wherever a pedestrian crossing is installed,” he said.

Sgt Bruce also appealed to motorists approaching pedestrian crossings to stop and allow pedestrians to cross, as it is an offence if a motorist fails to do so.

“Once a pedestrian is approaching the crossing, motorists are obligated by law to stop to allow pedestrians to cross. They are not obligated where pedestrian crossings are not installed, but once pedestrian crossings are installed, they are obligated to stop and allow pedestrians to cross,” head traffic cop explained.

What the law states

According to the Road Traffic (Amendment) Act of 1993, a motorist approaching a pedestrian crosswalk where traffic is not being controlled by light signals must allow “free and uninterrupted passage to any pedestrian” who is on the carriageway at such crosswalk.

“Such crosswalk and such person shall have precedence over all vehicular traffic at such crosswalk,” the Act stated.

The Act also states that a driver shall not cause any part of their vehicle to stop on any pedestrian crosswalk unless they are either prevented from proceeding due to measures beyond their control or if it is necessary to do so to avoid an accident.

Motorists who are found guilty of any of the aforementioned offences listed within the Act are liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding $250.

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  1. Truth says:

    How about you crack down on drivers failing to yield when pedestrians are at the crosswalk. If they don’t start to walk most of these drivers just speed pass. This is very dangerous. There’s already a law stating you must yield for pedestrians so get out and enforce it.

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    • To Truth says:

      Saw a elderly driver almost run down a few people on the cross walk by Omar Hodge building. Some of these drivers are always gazing and not minding their business and he had the nerve to curse the pedestrians…only in the BVI. Bet he can’t go back St.Kitts and do that, cause is blows in his backside.

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    • read says:

      the article did say that they would…

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      • At read says:

        The comment is emphasizing the fact that motorists are not yielding to pedestrians when at a crosswalk. The article doesn’t say that they would enforce that aspect.

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        • Care says:

          They need to some times i see people stading in the cross walk and the dont acknowlege them they just drive past then to some dont slow down at a cross walk and they are suppose to some times one driver who stop for a pedestrian to pass up come a driver on the opposite side zomming by so pedestrians have to be aware of this.I stood one day and watch this little boy no more than about 8yrs standing at the crossing and all the vehecles passing and none stopping for him to cross well like he got wad and he shouted to the top of his voice(Are you stop)with the his hand up down indication then is when they stop for him to cross

  2. Kudos says:

    Kudos. It’s about time. Some persons feel the need to cross the road any and everywhere. The cross walks are there for a reason.

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  3. the watcher says:

    Why is Head of the Police Traffic Division, Sergeant (Sgt) Augustus Bruce saying this…..we all know that absolutely nothing will change and no one will be arrested……

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  4. yep says:

    About time

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  5. LB Fam says:

    This can’t be serious! Jaywalking? That’s what they are focusing resources on? Will you ticket the 1 million tourists who come here and walk around aimlessly enjoying the destination? Is jaywalking only an offense in Road Town? How about Bellevue? Anegada? JVD? Foolishness.

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  6. that was law? says:

    then add more cross walks

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    • Mad Max says:

      Or don’t be so lazy and walk the extra 50 yards to the nearest one.

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      • @ Mad Max says:

        Nonesense and reactionary not well thought out thinking.

        Take into consideration the young one; the elderly and those, young, middle or aged, with compromised mobility, bad knees and even low stamina.

        The problem will be completely solved by a comprehensive study of and subsequent implentation of crosswalks convieniently implanted at high business and other important areas.

  7. Ok says:

    Just fix the darn light signals at all the cross roads. While your at it enforces the law of not pissing any any where

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  8. Econ says:

    Get ready to charge them high school children

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  9. Father Time says:

    There are more important things than people walking across the street.

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  10. Dangerous says:

    And while u r it, can u please remove those stupid pedestrian crossings inside of the roundabout. I have never seen something like that anywhere else in the world. Many times u barely miss someone running in your back when u have to stop abruptly to let someone cross. The roundabout is a unique place where u have to be focusing on traffic coming from different points and once u get in the roundabout u need to exit it as quickly and safely as possible without interruption.

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    • SMH says:

      Police Constables presence is needed 24/7 I mean physically and not sparingly in vehicles. Back in the day the Force was more productive than now with so much technology and lazy People.

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    • MH says:

      This is another good news from this administration. We need this law to be in effect soon. Let people know that they can not just step out in front of moving vehicles like that.

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  11. lawman says:

    where is the law that prohibits jaywalking? only the section about motorists is quoted.

  12. Ok says:

    So this means more police officers going be on the road?……

  13. strupes says:

    Them aint got nothing better to do ??? Them need to go solve those outstanding murders

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  14. Guest says:

    They about to fine all of ESHS students….Because them lil jokers does act like they own the road

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  15. Duh says:

    Seriously? Jay walking is such a bull sh1t law. Put decent crossing in place – in the right place and people will use them but we don’t have them in the right places.

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  16. ???????? says:

    Jay walking? Of all the pressing matters of public and roadway safety this is what they decided was a priority right now?

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  17. A friend says:

    How about VG?! They don’t even have sidewalks!

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  18. BuzzBvi says:

    The country does not need this. Take control of the scooter problem and all the other laws the police are currently ignoring.

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  19. Crosswalks says:

    Some of those crosswalks are located wrong. A crosswalk should be not around a corner. It must be visible that driver’s can see the crosswalk and proceed with caution although some of these ridiculous drivers still see and do not proceed cautiously.

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  20. Really says:

    Seriously, what about all the cars that are driving around here with illegal tint, cars missing plates, cars driving around not licensed or insured, big trucks driving around with one headlight no plates and not licensed. The police need to get their priorities straight in this place and enforce the laws that are already on the books.

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  21. Fishbook says:

    what? hope for the best. but hopefully they will give ticket to those motorcycle drivers without helmet. police just pass them all the time and even talk and to them and smile..

  22. Anonymous says:

    Evidently, the governing psychology of the Force and its power structure appears to be 1) one of business revenue collection agency, and 2) law enforcement and crime solving second.

    Imagine, $250.00 fine for one tinted window times (4) tinted windows is past exorbitant, it is criminal, in a society where 90-95% of the public and drivers are minimum to low wage earners, with an exorbitant and continuously rising cost of living.

    Society should not be mandated to enforce laws upon poor people by making them poorer. Such is ungodly and speaks not well of a godly christian society. Then again, what is christian about the christian practitioners of this society except fake representations?

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    • Ning says:

      While I agree with you on your point/s. I also believe that if you need to save money to survive it is probably best spent on other things rather than tinting out your car, or buying the newest and fanciest phone.

  23. Changes says:

    Why is it that bvi lander’s dont like to embrace changes..this is very good it can help to save lives

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    • BVI says:

      You are on the case of BVIslanders, now. Is it only BVIslanders who live in BVI; walk and drive on the roads; and comment on news articles?
      Why not say “people who live in the BVI”?

  24. Anonymous says:

    I hope you all educate those ignorant drivers when a vehicle stop for someone to cross on the crossing the dont come speeding like they want to knock down someone

  25. curious says:

    i’m curious. where along the stretch of the highway from water and sewerage to delta gas station in pasea can someone “legally” cross the road? i don’t recall seeing any crosswalks anyway along that stretch. and i know there are many cases like this (throughout most of the long look/east end area for instance). i truly believe we need to consider the issues/realities before we roll full ahead with enforcing these laws as they will be non-enforceable in many places.

  26. One says:

    remembers when the previous government was in, it was constantly being accused of having paid bloggers. There appear, and quite distasteful, to be a not so subtle practice occuring today also.

    Should not the work and end product of the government speak for itself?

  27. Haha says:

    Motorist stop on crosswalks all the time like it’s normal. They act like you are begging while at the crosswalk waiting to cross so maybe the police should clean that up first before talking about jaywalking.

  28. Busy Bee says:

    Like the police have nothing else to do?!? Perhaps the RVIPF ought to crack down on disrespectful and arrogant motorcyclists, the ones that flaunt it in front of the police and mock their inability to tackle the problem.

  29. Truth says:

    Police presence on the road or in Road Town is 0%. Do we still have police officers in the BVI. I am very disappointed in the Police force. Your presence should be more noticable in the communities. What do they do all day just sit in their AC offices and collect a paycheck along with two Increments. Hmmmm.

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