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Senior gov’t worker arrested on suspicion of bribery

A senior government official has been arrested on suspicion of bribery.

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) has not released the name of the official but said in a brief statement on Monday that the officer is attached to the Ministry of Transportation, Works & Utilities (formerly the Ministry of Communications and Works).

The government official in question was arrested on Monday, April 8.

The RVIPF said investigations are ongoing.

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  1. Shock Me says:

    What?! Corruption in the civil service?? Who would have thought it??? Say it ain’t so.

    But on a serious, it is long past time for someone, anyone to clamp down on the corruption in this place, especially in the government. Hope this is just the beginning and we will see some serious action on cleaning house.

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    • But says:

      It says an officer was arrested for suspicion of bribery but it doesnt say whether it was connected to their govt role.

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    • oh yeah says:

      They also need to clamp down on civil servants bidding for and working on Government jobs. (double dipping and insider trading . This practice compromise the chances for persons in the the private sector getting any jobs with the government. The pier park was good example.

  2. Domino Effect says:

    Who has first hand knowledge of government works being involved in corruption click Like

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    • Enforcement is Key says:

      Past and present persons at Inland Revenue are my first hand experience. It will be a difficult but needed process to root out.

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  3. The Visitor says:

    “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” 😉

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  4. Eagle eye says:

    Breaking news is when a name is far I can see the police served us Breaking Up The News.

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  5. Wow says:

    This is just the start. NDP corrupt the entire public service

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    • @wow says:

      You sound like a stupid M***er F*** are going to S**t on yourself when It comes out that not only NDP like you said corrupt entire public service. Sometimes you have to play the stupid game,sit back and observe, keep your mouth shut and you will see everything that is going on. NDP is not the only bad ones.

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    • Enforcement is Key says:

      I can tell you the corruption among the civil service is what has been rampant, which permeated the VI Party from the 80’s, and certainly into the NDP regime. Greasing the squeaky wheel (so-to-speak) was very much the norm for local civil service workers to innocuously accept “gifts” of gratitude, often in large sums but more likely in small type gratuitous offerings to thereby assist the individuals livelihood. It happens everywhere but more noticeable in smaller countries like the BVI. The loss of this practice impacts pocketbooks to a degree where expectations are not being met and disharmony occurs among the local population. We want transparency, however transparency has consequences.

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    • Get to stepping says:

      Cart all their greedy A**es off to the pen. Sick of these people using their positions to do S**t.

    • @wow says:

      How B**ch, how. Please explain. If you are a public service employee, you should be terminated on the spot.If NDP was so bad,they would have laid off a whole lot of people after the storms.

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  6. lol says:

    if yo ketch one it gah mo

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  7. YEAP says:

    The ESHS wall is next.

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    • Sick says:

      It is sad how we sit here and rejoice in the demise of our own people. We are sick people. Sick!

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      • lol says:

        because they are thieves

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      • @ Sick says:

        As a BVIlander I celebrate my people and a their accomplishments. A thief whether they are our own or not needs to be brought to justice. The problem is we keep allowing our own thieves to run free and it’s destroying the country.

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  8. wize up says:

    and there are off and running: will he take death our throw others under the bus: bribery is some serious premeditated stuff…..

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    • @Wize Up says:

      At this point,he need to throw all who is involved under the freaking bus. Yeah that is some serious s**t. Man Wize Up, I am so tired of these people using there position of authority to continue acting the fool. Man, F**k him.

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  9. Just saying says:

    The operative word is suspicion and here we are already tearing down one of our own. We don’t have the facts because those have not been released yet but here we are. We will continue to be taken for fools by the UK and their civil servanrs that they send here because we hate ourselves. We want the worse for ourselves. We love the downfall of our own meanwhile they will replace us with their own because we have killed our own. When their own are in position then they will considered as open and transparent while they act in their own interest. I don’t know how many of us really understand what’s going on in the country. We are soo busy trying to kill our neighbors that we fail to realize that we are also killing our own selves slowly. People wake up and stop letting the mental games worl on you. They are designed to bring out the worse in us. Now if this person broke the law he or she must be dealt with so I am not defending that. I’m saying be very careful of how things are running in this place. If we look closer, stop hating and stop acting like we know everything we will notice soo much that we are not seeing.

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    • wize up says:

      @ just saying: you make lots of sense but look around and you can clearly see that is our very own people that mostly mucks up our homeland: we rob each other: we murder our very own people: our very own people runs political Affairs in this territory(millions and millions unaccounted for left right and center)..this is no blame game because the facts are watching you directly in your face..the man was actually arrested in relation to a given criminal offense(will he take the rap by himself or rat on others)…..just a simple question: there is no special laws for government work!!!!

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      • :) says:

        It’s so funny that the same ones screaming “offshore alert” are the ones that want people to wait for more info or shout innocent until proven guilty.

  10. Crime stoppers says:

    Put him/her on the walk of Shame runway. No need to hide the person.Tortola is a tiny place and a lot of people already knows Who the person is including myself. More is going to get caught, only a matter of time.

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    • I agree says:

      Put him and the others on public display of shame in the middle of Road Town with a d**m rope around their necks. BRIBERY is a serious crime.

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      • The Bible says... says:

        He without sin cast the first stone. Look into your self and see the evil and wicked ways that you have,that you are busy hissing. Today for him/her, but tomorrow might be you.

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  11. Get to stepping says:

    Cart all their greedy A**es off to the pen. Sick of these people using their positions to do S**t.

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  12. I aint corrupt! says:

    Give me a big job lol

  13. H*ll to the freaking NO !!! says:

    Our own people is responsable for their own demise. I am not going to sugar coat anything. I am from here and It makes me ashamed of some of the things MY OWN PEOPLE is doing. If it had been an outsider,you SICK would be one of the same ones calling for the person to be locked up and deported.Not because you are from here mean you are going to get a Pass. Not in my book.

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  14. West Ender says:

    We should not be too quick to judge, before all the facts have been heard. Irma & Maria took its toll on all of us in the Virgin Islands, people will do what they must to survive.

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