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Smugglers recently intercepted and barred from entry

Premier Andrew Fahie has announced that the ‘more intense’ 24-hour surveillance of the territory’s borders since the recent spike in COVID-19 cases locally has already started to pay off.

Addressing members of the media Tuesday night, August 25, the Premier said he received reports that smugglers were recently intercepted and barred from entering the territory.

He said: “I was advised today that our current efforts that we the people of the Virgin Islands have putting place on our borders at enhancing border protection has already aborted an apparent attempt from persons who were blocked from getting into our territorial waters as they were making an apparent attempt to smuggle in.”

“I want to commend Customs, Police and Immigration for that. We are already seeing results through the swift action, and also we have seen results by further strengthening our border control with our people for our people, by our people,” the Premier added.

He also said the territory is proving it can protect its borders.

“I believe the people of the Virgin Islands are growing from strength to strength to keep our sea borders safe. And any help that we get to help to keep our sea borders be safe, it must be help that will strengthen the people of the Virgin Islands, and it must be help that would value added to our resources in terms of equipment that we have,” Fahie stated.

Recent smuggling and human trafficking activity from the neighbouring US Virgin Islands has been linked to the BVI recently being classified as having clusters of COVID-19 cases. 


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  1. Ning says:

    so arresting said smugglers never crossed your mind? I call bull$hit!

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  2. Observer says:

    Rhetoric Rhetoric Rhetoric. More and more BS! This is just an attempt to justify the refusal of assistance from the UK military.

    Then again, lets wait to see how long these measures will remain in effect. Really do hope that the smuggling of people, drugs and other goods will substantially reduced.

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  3. Concern says:

    Too many cars and bikes through the east end and greenlands long look . All 3 guys on 1 bike no mask plz when you catch them take no stupid excuse .

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  4. Mick Mars says:

    Barred as in stopped and sent back? They should have hold them and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law while gaining information about them to help capture those that plan on doing so again as well as those that have already!

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  5. Total Fiction says:

    Aborted an apparent attempt?
    Blocked from getting into our territorial waters?
    Making an apparent attempt to smuggle in?
    Fahie dreaming

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  6. Fly says:

    Fake news…

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  7. vip heckler says:

    I don’t believe a word of this. Why weren’t they arrested? This is all fictitious stuff just to justify using barges that belong to a VIP crony

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  8. hooray!! says:

    Was the full force of the law applied to the perpetrators or were they jus turned back they can try again. No punishment? Who were they? how many people were allegedly being smuggled in. Come better than that. All of a sudden you are successful. I will smile before I cuss

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  9. tek us fo fools says:


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  10. Really says:

    Bar them so they can try later tonight on a different cove. Why not catch and prosecute them and if guilty confiscate the boats.

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  11. He says:

    Why don’t you catch the one that just came in. I,m sure you know who they are. Impossible those just came in and walking around like they have been here all the time. YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE, but you don’t want to do it. End of the story.

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  12. Border bs says:

    Boats moving in USVI waters near the BVI border are not smugglers. Please call in the UK Navy and marines before any more stupid press releases.

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  13. Reply says:

    Interesting. For years if not decades, the BVI borders has been quite porous to drug trafficking, and some human trafficking mostly en route to a U.S. destination.

    Why has it taken a pandemic for the government past and present to finally conduct more intense’ 24-hour surveillance of the country’s boarders?

    Word has always been on the street that fast boats involved in alleged illicit activities have been entering and exiting BVI borders at late hours of nights and morning, yet nothing to my knowledge was articulated to address that issue.

    I gather people dying from the use of drugs where those transited drugs (cocaine) ended up
    was not important enough to the powers that be until everyone’s life is now at risk from a covid-19 infection.


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  14. Laughing says:

    Foy is once again showing that he thinks the people of the BVI are stupid. If you caught smugglers you just let them go? Really!! You don’t arrest for illegal entry and attempted murder of the people. Foy is full of s***. His cronies boats are doing nothing except as an avenue to line his pockets. People of the BVI it’s time to stand up and bring this man down and place a leader that is honest and can be trusted. Good luck finding such a person amongst you.

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  15. We’re in trouble says:

    The more this man speaks the less faith I have in this administration. He’s del******l. Even worse he thinks he knows everything and is too proud to entertain any ideas other than his and his merry band of “yes men”. Lord help us. We have another 2.5 years before we can get them out.

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  16. Lalala says:


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  17. Ummm says:

    We ain’t holding nada. Next thing you know they full of Covid. Let them go back where they came from We don’t need anymore problems

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  18. Wow says:

    This man always got a f***ing story. So sick of them now!

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  19. Okay? says:

    Even if you didn’t hold them to avoid bringing in possibly new cases, they you guys at least inform the US coast guards about these people. Since I think they came from the USVI I would think that those guys would have been contacted and would then intercept and arrest those same people. Forgive me if I’m wrong here but that what I would have done. If no further attempts to have these people punished for their attempts was done, then i have to agree with the majority; it’s pointless having those guys out there and using this as an examplew self-reliance, etc is baseless. Like Mr. Premier they just proved your point to be invalid.

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  20. Comrade says:

    The boat turned away was a Cuban boat bringing indoctrination manuals for the re-education camps to be built.

    Plans are still being moved forward for the implementation of new socialism policies.

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  21. Mah Belly says:

    Lord NDP blogging machine sounding desperate now mah boiiii!

    We not holding NO ONE to then possibly have to treat them with the virus.


    Mean time C—-y new job as ndp blog executive continue to focus on the prize of trying to take over government, LOL LOL LOL!


  22. Please says:

    Can we please have a leader
    who can speak English?
    Thank you.

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  23. Scary Cubans? says:

    Paranoia is a wonderful thing.

  24. going on forever says:

    I imagine that this has been going on forever it just took Covid to bring this to the forefront. Border security is essential to any countries well being and must be taken seriously. I remember when the worst news was “two schools girls got in a fight” or “So and so stole a dingy from VG”. Now people are getting shot, drugs the list goes o. Get real about border security our health should have never been compromised by this!!!!!!!!

  25. Priest says:

    Ok Sir Where are they? Did anyone try to at least get the idea of these “smugglers” that would have given us Intel on what and who we are dealing with? Just intercepting and turning them back is not enough. They will return after the Officers left. I really believed that this is an effort to justify certain actions.

  26. Ginger says:

    If they are arrested you put the officers who have to deal with them at risk plus alyo already complaining about tax payers money to quarantine them is a huge fee for each person plus to feed them while they up balo is another fine it’s easier to send them back avoid all that headache

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  27. pants on fire says:

    lies…take a seat big man we don’t believe you anymore

  28. Eagle says:

    Suspend the boat licenses for any local boat captain engaging in this activity.

  29. CW says:

    Look at these nonsensical comments that are ONLY NEGATIVE and it’s easy to see why the BVI is failing/ has failed. You only want to tear down everything and everyone, even your own, so you can feel special in the comments on the internet. STRUPE THINKING. LET US ALL KNOW WHEN YOU WILL BE DOING SOMETHING OTHER THAN COMPLAIN STRUPES. WE BEEN WAITING FOR YEARS.

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  30. Ayo Sickening says:

    I’m sorry for ayo BVI people, especially the Tolian dem. Nothing can’t please ayo. Government do for you, dem ain’t doing the right thing or enough, Government don’t do, dem ain’t doing nothing. The BVI people is the problem . Too friggin entitled, high and mighty and lazy. Ayo being brought down to your knees and can’t even see it. Ayo don’t need a government, you need Jesus. Period and goodbye !!
    PS. I’m a BVI person too 😛

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  31. Ken says:

    There are so many places one can get into the BVI via the ocean, if they want to get here bad enough they will unless, the BVI can afford to have six vessels out and around the BVI. Its unfortunate, but true.

  32. Dumb as a Sack of Hammers says:

    You really think people will believe anything you say? What a load of horsesh-t. Nobody was stopped and turned around. You want to tell stories to justify your s——y little back. —— deals, come up with a better lie.

    Better yet, do the work and produce real results.

    Then we MIGHT start to believe.

  33. Tolian says:

    All I can say is this Government is too reactive and Fa**e needs to be more honest. He seems way over his head and it shows he is not doing a good job of running this country! Maybe running it to the Ground!! We need Prayers

  34. Election has consequences says:

    This country is going to need more than prayers.

  35. What A Ting! says:

    So most people commenting that why not hold them. But think about it why hold them at a cost to tax payers who are already at a great financial struggle.Government holds them and they test positive for the virus what will happen, MORE LOCKDOWN.Send them back take their names a bar them from entering the island for a couple of years.

  36. Guy Hill says:

    Those foreign nationals attempting entry without inspection need to be placed on the official Stop List through Cabinet on application from immigration. Be brave.

  37. Questions says:

    So has ANYONE in the territory know if anyone that has been fined for non compliance? In any of the matters, illegal entry, non mask wearing, breaking of curfew etc etc. Same old ,same old NO consequences …hit them where it hurts in peoples pockets and hit them HARD, it’s the ONLY way you are going to get these rebellious people in order. Seriously you have the relevent fines and laws in place now make it happen. We are all at risk from only a few individuals and you know who the hell they are !!!

  38. Wow says:

    @Questions sorry but the first to flaunt the lockdown without consequences was even a senior government advisor/contractor who calls himself alternately a Bishop and a gangster. Nothing done.

    Fish r**s from the h***

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