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Special list of persons exempted from mandatory quarantine

The Terrance B Lettsome Airport on Beef Island

Pilots, boat captains and diplomats are among a special category of persons that the government has exempted from undergoing the mandatory four-day quarantine period once entering the territory.

Minister for Health Carvin Malone made that announcement during Tuesday’s media update where he said Cabinet had agreed to those measures recently.

“The COVID-19: Quarantine Exemption Protocols, outlines risk mitigation measures for persons recommended for exemption from quarantine requirements such as aviation, maritime and medical personnel, diplomats and other essential personnel including the judiciary,” Malone stated.

Persons employed in service of the Commonwealth and inter-regional Caribbean organisations, and exceptional essential persons who are approved either by the health minister or the governor will also be exempted from the mandatory requirement, the minister further said.

Testing and self-isolation still required

Despite the exemption, Malone said the aforementioned group of persons will still undergo the necessary COVID-19 testings and follow some of the other established protocols.

“When entering the Virgin Islands, while these groups are exempt from mandatory quarantine, they must register on the BVI GatewayTravel Application, practice self-isolation, and adhere to the various testing requirements outlined in the Quarantine Exemption Protocols,” he stated.

Maximum gathering sizes extended

In the meantime, Minister Malone also said Cabinet had decided to increase the maximum number of persons allowed to gather in public places.

He said the maximum number of persons for all general gatherings have now been increased from 50 persons to 100. He added that the maximum size allowed for outdoor events, graduation and wedding ceremonies, faith-based services and funerals can now be up to 200 persons.

Malone added that persons seeking to host gatherings larger than the maximum allowed quantity will have to seek approval by him as the Health Minister through an application process.

Those applications must be sent to the Ministry of Health & Social Development.


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  1. EgocentricGoverment fear mongers says:

    This administration so genius as though a pilot and medical professional cannot contract and transmit. oh the disease will say not u. Nope.

    VIP stop thinking About y’all self. I know a lady that died cause she could not get her treatment in stt for her cancer. Y’all going to kill people before the disease. MadmanJustventing

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    • Yup says:

      Yup the Foy and his cronies always are above everyone else. The politicians and friends can come and go as they please. No testing, no electronic leash, no nothing. This excuse for a leader and his band of bandits are just unbelievable. By the way didn’t he make the Cuban doctors quarantine? Where are they by the way?

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  2. well sah says:

    This is exactly how corona gonna spread

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    • Yep says:

      @wellsah, Yes that and the fact that nothing they say goes as plan or stated. I have seen incomplete testing conducted where some ppl in a building under mandatory quarantine are tested and other in the same building who dont respond to the knocks and call of the authorities wasnt tested call the jokers and they asking you to do their job. Thankfully the virus didnt spread like fire that time. They ask for your assistance in term of information and still nothing is done. Yes Government this isnt nothing i heard its what i see happen first hand. Happy we case free but a better and effective job need to be done, watch your watchkeeper/ head if these so call covid task force and hold them accountable before we all become history. Serious things will happen if these slackness continues please this statement is soley to make the decisions maker know that they fighting hard but the soldier’s not securing victory.

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  3. sheer assishness says:

    So these cant get sick?

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  4. OMG says:

    VIP too doggone curryfavour

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  5. making me laugh says:

    The audacity to group people and think that a certain set is better and higher than the next. Remember Covid started with the travelling rick people. Let the Haves spread it among themselves and let the Have Nots stay in their healthy abode

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  6. Hmmm says:

    I have a Honda Pilot so I good…

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  7. really says:

    These people are ferry boat cargo boat captains that will not be staying in the country, just like the pilots .

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  8. Be Real says:

    So do you think they should quarantine a Pilot who comes in, overnight and flies out the next day?

  9. Be Real says:

    It is not that these people cannot get sick, but the nature of their Jobs makes it impractical to quarantine them.

  10. Sigh says:

    I swear this government is the worse virus to date.

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  11. so it go says:

    So our local capts can go st.marteen and st.thomas mix and mingle then come back? That’s good VIP, it who ayo know

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  12. Heckler says:

    Friends and cronies always benefit with these cats

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  13. dissapointed says:

    I am so dissapointed in VIP. They are no better than NDP.

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  14. Strupes says:

    At this point I am convinced that these guys can do nothing to please the members of the community. You guys complain about everything. Shut up a while and think of persons other than yourselves. When Covid was spreading through here like wildfire you complained. When measures were put in place to reduce the spread you complained. Just hush a while.

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  15. No nonsense says:

    This is more proof that the plandemic Covid is a HOX!

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  16. really? says:

    So, boat captains can potentially infect all the passenger on a boat? Hmmm..

  17. Norris Turnbull says:

    Wow. Just wow.

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