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St Lucia, Martinique back under lockdown as COVID spikes

The governments of St Lucia and Martinique implemented lockdown in the countries late last week following a COVID-19 spike in both countries.

Martinique has already recorded more than 3,500 COVID-19 cases. A three-week curfew was imposed last Friday after the French-territory recorded more 700 cases in one week. Movements are limited between 10 pm and 5 am.

Meanwhile, in St Lucia — which has been open for tourism since June — a new curfew order was imposed by the government amid a steady rise in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks. St Lucia has already recorded more than 90 COVID-19 cases. The curfew hours in that country run from 9 pm to 5 am and will be in place for a month.

The lockdown in both countries comes amid local calls for the government to mimic neighbouring countries that have more relaxed protocols for the reopening of their tourism industry.

Criticism erupted across the territory last week after Premier Andrew Fahie announced new protocols for the reopening of the BVI’s borders on December 1. Many said the rules are too stringent and push tourists to visit neighbouring countries with more relaxed rules.

However, the BVI government said it’s protocols are to ensure the safety of the local population and expected visitors. Health Minister Carvin Malone also warned that the BVI is trying to avoid COVID-19 spikes that are currently being experienced by neighbouring islands with more relaxed reopening protocols.


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  1. Well says:

    Well now the Foy will say how right he is in his protocol. No one is saying there shouldn’t be protocol but what it should be is bring a negative test with you, quarantine for 3 days, take another test and if it’s negative be release on the 4th day. This is a reasonable approach and ensures everyone’s safety. It allows people to actually enjoy a vacation in the BVI yet keep everyone safe. There needs to be a balance and it’s clear that what the Foy proposes and the lack of protocol by other countries don’t work either. There needs to be a balance so that people can live and earn a living.

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    • Tired says:

      We are looking at this thing completely wrong. We need to stop looking at number of cases alone and start looking at number of deaths. Martique for example has 30 deaths with 3500 cases. That’s a less had 1% death rate for them and it’s similar all over the Caribbean. Many deaths are due to susceptible people not seeking medical attention until it’s too late. It is better to open and face future lockdown than to keep the place shut and watch the economy slowly die. If people can’t feed their families we will be dealing with something much worse than Covid-19.

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      • Lucy says:

        So who playing God today? You? You volunteering to be one of the one percent or are you putting up one of your family member? As long as there is life the economy will naturally work it self out but once your dead you don’t even get a chance ever again to try and feed your family.

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        • Really says:

          You completely misunderstand me. I’m not saying leave people to die. Those that are susceptible (cases show it’s a tiny amount) should remain isolated until vaccines are available or the population develops immunity. Stop spouting dead like it’s guaranteed.

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          • selfish thinking says:

            It is practically gauranteed if everyone here were to get covid a few will die.

            How will vulnerable people isolate in a community spread situation when they are the ones that rely on able bodied persons??? Having restrictions to create and maintain a covid free society is more sensible long term with respect to human life.

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      • please consider says:

        Please consider the size of our population and the large quantity of persons with chronic illnesses. I support you Fahie!!

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      • @ Tired says:

        Isn’t 30 deaths 30 to many? Would you be of the same mindset if 30 of your family members died from covid? Asking for a friend

    • Nope says:

      BVI has 80% cancellations. Don’t scare away the other 20%.

      Getting those tourists back is hard, if not impossible.

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  2. Mr.Gage says:

    See, this is why you need to have strict protocols that needs to be adhered to when reopening look at where the majority of the tourists are coming from in Europe: Germany,France and England just shut down again because of a second wave and don’t even mention the US, the BVI is going to end up shutting down again if we lapse putting us in an even worse predicament.

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    • @Mr says:

      The worse case scenario is the Territory will lose a few Belongers. A few less is a good thing. Remember less is more. In all seriousness, thinning the population of the ignorant like you helps improve the intelligence of future generations.

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  3. Local says:

    These here want less testing premier give what they want and when the cases get over bearing lockdown in them ass again or do as doctor said some will get sick some will die and tell them when they come crying to close boarder it is what it is.

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  4. Lockdown? says:

    This headline is misleading. Both islands have night time curfews now, so what. This news article should provide more information about business restrictions, hospital virus admittance, their testing, etc.

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  5. Patience says:

    Much as we would all like the world to go back to how it was before and enjoy our freedoms and vacations, it appears that this is not realistic and we shall have to show patience for a while longer. The Spanish Flu lasted 2 years… can the economy survive that long?

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  6. yes says:

    watch the USVI,St Thomas who are taking all our sailors come to a grinding halt before NYE.

    Also Grenada allowing people from the UK to fly directly without testing on arrival is crazry for an area that has kept themselves so good and now allow a virus hotspot like the UK straight in witha test doen in the UK 7 days previous.

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  7. Pandora's Box says:

    All the drama Queens are loving this article! BVI News, you should add a few more facts to this rather than only presenting half the story for sensationalism’s sake!

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  8. Tongue Fu says:

    BVI News with their sensational headlines. A nigh-time curfew is no lockdown but a reasonable approach to curb the virus. Curfew, lockdown, border closures will not stop the virus. Trinidad and Tobago borders have been closed from since March even locking out their own Nationals yet they have 5704 cases registering 4 per 1000. St. Lucia has 84 cases at .4 per 1000 while Martinique is higher with 3764 cases at 9.43 per 1000.

    St.Lucian restrictions include a grab and go at the bar policy (interesting), Gatherings limited to 25 persons, voluntary work from home policy and border measures to prevent illegal smuggling.

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  9. Hmm says:

    It looks to me that the bvi is just looking to find islands who are not doing so well just to make a case for its ridiculous protocols. We do not know exactly what the cause of the rise in cases are…the world is going to have to live with covid for awhile however the amount of testing required by the bvi is over kill….a negative test upon arrival and a test 8 days later is sufficient.

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    • Deh Watcha says:

      So is Covid19 now only spread by opening the borders or it is spread by persons not carrying out proper social distancing protocols?

      Anyhow, the afterclap will tell it.

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    • @hmmm says:

      You have raised an interesting point globally… they are not doing enough studies to state specifically where the transmissions of the virus are occurring.
      We all know generally how it is spread but more research needs to be done with this.
      One study has proven that young infants shed the viral load 1000 times more than adults ! Not many people are aware of this and it is one of many things not shared through information services.

  10. Local BVISLANDER says:

    Before Christmas the entire Caribbean will get a nasty out break with Covid, trust me it’s coming, we might as well brace for it.

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    • Jump to conclusion says:

      Where is big mouth sam today? He said we should do like st lucia
      Is he still of the idea that we should follow that pattern? We need to ask sam to stop getting into serious and sensible persons conversations. Now we realize that sam is only interested in himself so he could make money out of every thing that 4oll off. Sam please do the BVI a justified favor and shut up for the better of this country and yourself.. we are trying hard to give you a rating right now you are a below the need or recognition.jump off the scholarship andswim you are a Jonah and need to be thrown off,hope no fish picks you up. I am still your friend,just straight talk.

  11. Hodgie says:

    Only what we let in can come in. Keep the borders closed for the remaining of this year. We’ll have a better insight in the new year.

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  12. Misleading says:

    It’s not a lockdown. Curfew from 9pm to 5am with bars to close by 6pm. Smdh. Stop spreading propaganda. Also a major contributor to the rise in cases in St. Lucia is the lack of border control. Much like here people are smuggled onto the island from next door (Martinique) where their Covid-19 numbers have always been high. The Premier should take note on that aspect… the negative effects of lack of border control.

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  13. take a look around says:

    I have seen it first hand ask yourself the same question are we wearing our PPE when within 6 ft especially in the work place ?? Is the server at your restaurant wearing a mask??

    NO and if we don’t it will cause further restrictions there only needs to be one person then BAM! and we are right back where we started.

    I haven’t heard of any fines lately what is going on with enforcement?

    If we do this right BVI The BVI has a chance of being the most successful tourist destination in the Caribbean and that could be a huge selling point??

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  14. Tell funny man says:

    Well well I hope funny man sees this. All those who who seems h**l bent on putting money before health.

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