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St Vincent creates history by setting up a Consular Office in BVI

Bumping elbows with Premier Andrew Fahie (right) is Bishop Ishmael Charles who has been named the Honorary Consul of the Consular Office of St Vincent and the Grenadines that has opened up in the territory.

St Vincent and the Grenadines have become the first CARICOM country to establish a consular office in the British Virgin Islands, with Vincentian Bishop Ishmael Charles being appointed as the first honorary consul.

Effectively, a consul is an official appointed by the government of one country to look after its commercial interests and the welfare of its citizens in another country.

Bishop Charles was named as the consul during the live virtual opening ceremony of the consular office on Friday, October 16.

He is a well-known figure in the territory and has resided in the BVI for more than 40 years. He said he is honoured and grateful for the opportunity to serve in the dignitary role.

According to Premier Andrew Fahie, Bishop Charles’ duties as an honourary consul is to promote the economic interest of St Vincent and the Grenadines and the British Virgin Islands. 

“He will identify and facilitate opportunities for development of business relation trade, commerce tourism, culture and employment.”

“He will assist nationals of St Vincent and the Grenadines visiting and residing in the Virgin Islands and he will enhance the friendly and cordial relations existing between St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the Virgin Islands,” he added.

More than 2000 Vincentians in the BVI

Premier Fahie also said that St Vincent and the Grenadines is one of the countries in the region to which the BVI has a special relationship.

With more than 2,000 Vincentian nationals presently in the BVI, the Premier said the partnership is one that will also have many benefits to the BVI economy.

“Of the many nationalities represented, we have more Vincentians living and working with here than any other country grouping. They are our friends, neighbours, husbands, wives, children and even our bishop,” Fahie stated.

He added: “I am pleased to officially take steps to deepen the level of cooperation between our governments by collaborating to develop opportunity for trade, in areas such as agriculture, manufacturing, goods and indeed services.”

Hopes to further strengthen relationship with BVI

Meanwhile, St Vincent’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade & Commerce, Sir Louis Straker expressed his gratitude to the BVI for allowing Vincentians the opportunity over the years to migrate and improve their lifestyle.

With the historic partnership, Sir Straker said he is looking forward to the further strengthening of the relationship between the two nations which will have a positive economic impact on both countries.

“We want to look towards the future where we can have an active trading relationship with the British Virgin Islands where we can have the requisite transportation facilities. 

Boats that can bring our agriculture produce from St Vincent to the British Virgin Islands equipped with refrigeration so that the people there in the British Virgin Islands would be able to get off the produce here in as good a condition as possible.”

“We will also like to link together in our educational quest, whereby we can have a partnership with the British Virgin Islands that some of your students can come to us and some of our students can come to you. You are famous for your hospitality and your schools of training in that area,” he added.

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  1. son of the soil says:

    Them vincys should be requiring visas to come here

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    • Mill says:

      You want kill we pockets

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    • Ning Ghost says:

      So we gonna have a consul down there too..? To rep. our interests as well?

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    • Mmmmm says:

      St Vincent should also set up a consulate for domestic violence before another person fall victim. Too much chopping and gramazone murder crimes. Who ain’t walking around with one limb done dead. I guess BVI like danger. Oh well carry on. None of my business until one of them modas step in my space.

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    • Bumping says:

      Bumping fists. Should be more like kicking each other’s ass.

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    • @son of the soil says:

      I agree 1000%. I do not see the need for a St. Vincent Consular Office here. It have too many Vincy in the place already. Only now they are going to overrun the place.

  2. Bim says:

    What is wrong with you chill your self

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  3. Blue says:

    Visa for wat we all are poor people to

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  4. Lol says:

    Cannot serve two masters

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  5. ????????? says:

    Is it just me or what? All well and good but, CREATES HISTORY?

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  6. LOL says:

    Our leader needs to watch his weight, real talk.

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  7. LB says:

    Why is this necessary? What was the purpose? Why we only now hearing about this after it is a done deal?

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  8. Love my BVI says:

    Lord of all the places in the caribbean why St. Vincent?

    I am not one to call down but Vincentians in the BVI is a bad taste to me.

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  9. Asking for a friend says:

    Does that mean more Vincentians will come to the BVI?

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  10. Asking for a friend says:

    Does that mean more Vincentians will migrate to the BVI? Because we out numbered already.

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  11. What a ting says:

    Stop calling down Vincentians . In the early fifties a lot ofVincentians came herE and lend to the work force of the county .stop judging a country from a handful of uneducated , foolish nationals . Do BVIslanders who are caught in criminal activities like money laundering, illegal drug activities etc make all BVIslanders drug pushers ….Stiop it People with that mentality are consumed with jealousy, bitterness and hate . Check it out and check yourself . Shame ! Shame

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  12. DIPLOMAT says:

    North Korea, Chinese and Venezuelan Consulates next. We going full independence boy. Soon time for the Presidential elections

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  13. Anonymous says:

    embezzement diplomazy?

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  14. The Nation says:

    Not the best move. Looks at the stats and learn these people…they are for themselves, not BVI. And they love to call down BVI.

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  15. This is Fahie pick. His friend says:

    I hate this choice… When last or ever you hear this guy speak out on behalf of the people… What help he offered to his faithful tide paying members who are now out of work and suffering. He still expects his 10 % Weekly. He is rich… Azan would have made a better ambassador but the Premier don’t like than. They ser Zan as the enemy just for doing his Job well..

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  16. MJ says:

    I thought we had a Honorary French Consul here? There is a sign on a Building, opposite the FSC, in Pasea

  17. What are we getting our self in to? says:

    What are we getting our self in to?

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  18. Yes i says:

    What are we gettin our self in to ??

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  19. I am willing to bet says:

    The blah blah man had something to do with this

  20. TANGO says:

    This set up is a plan to bring the GANJAH plating to come on stream faster. SVG. already on the move with their production , what done in the dark will come to the light.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I’m a victim of abuse by a Vincentian. No can do. I do not want them here. Stop increase them population. Them like the Caribs come to kill Arawaks.

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  22. Oh no says:

    I’m a victim of abuse by a Vincentian. No can do. I do not want them here. Stop increase them population. Them like the Caribs come to kill Arawaks.

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  23. mulato says:

    France, Guyana, DR and other nation have representation in the BVI already. things happens here and his majestic the king does not seems to be aware.

  24. disappointed local says:







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