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Timing of VIP’s good governance initiatives not a coincidence

Inquiry Commissioner, the Right Honourable Sir Gary Hickinbottom.

Commissioner of the now concluded Commission of Inquiry (COI), Sir Gary Hickinbottom, has found that the timing of good governance initiatives by the former Andrew Fahie-led government were not coincidental.

In the COI report issued by Sir Gary, he shared that there had already been a raft of better governance measures in the air for years, but successive elected governments had been slow to progress them.

Sir Gary stated that while the Fahie administration was elected in 2019 — after campaigning as a party of good governance — and some steps were taken that year and the following year, virtually all progress that had been made was done during the period of the COI when the government knew governance was a key issue.

Good governance initiatives largely reactive to the COI

According to Sir Gary, measures taken by the government were, to a large extent, reactive to the work of the Commission.

The Commissioner said while he was pleased that progress had been made, this did not engender confidence for the future once the COI was concluded.

He also noted that while the paper measures that were passed were very welcomed, they were not suggestive of an elected government that was enthusiastic about pressing forward with these measures in practice.

In the meantime, Sir Gary said even though the elected ministers did not find the state of governance to be in as parlous a state as he did, they at least accepted that it was below an acceptable level.

COI skeptical of Fahie administration

The Commissioner said the government had been tackling these deficiencies by progressing a number of measures — a “suite of good governance legislation” — which they said would result in improvements in decision-making and implementation so that governance would be improved to a level that is acceptable.

But Sir Gary said the evidence led him to be extremely skeptical about the government’s claims.

The commissioner found that not only did the elected ministers not identify reasons for the poor state of governance, but they shifted the blame to deficiencies within the public service which he found were not a substantial cause.

No coincidence

According to Sir Gary, “it could, therefore, only be coincidence if their efforts were to address the real reasons for the poor state of governance“.

Even as they claimed to be champions of good governance, Sir Gary found, the Fahie-led government had continued in practice to ignore the principles of good governance.

The report found that the Fahie administration proved to be no different than other governments that trumpeted good governance and purported to herald a change in their approach to governance, yet did otherwise instead.


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  1. Governance says:

    For the next few years the only hope for good governance in the BVI will be from a good Governor implementing direct rule by the UK for as long as necessary.

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    • Governance says:

      Next few years and as long as necessary are trick words for forever. Please we are not stupid this is not about good Governance this is to advocate for back to colonialism. There are human rights now and what Sir Gary recommends may be illegal.

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      • @Governance says:

        That is fact.

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      • Not happy? says:

        If you are not happy residing in a British colony then leave. There are lots of independent islands in the Caribbean so just move there and be free from the UK for the rest of your life.

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        • @Not happy? says:

          Come and make me satan. Well over two to three hundres year of my immediate family and other relations are buried here.

          Ther spirits stll roam this land. Have you ever heard them? I have.

          So, you are quite arrogant to suggest to me where i should live or not live, esecially since colonial acqusition of a land mass is not legitimate or legal ownership.

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          • Think about kt says:

            All land has been colonized at some time or another. Very few of us were the first here.

            If you are so concerned with colonialism maybe you should be talking to the Arawak. They were there well before you (and the British for that matter)

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          • Bon voyage says:

            Follow those spirit voices all the way back to your motherland.

        • One would think says:

          With everything that we have been through, we would have a better attitude. But there it is.

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          • @Think about kt says:

            Indeed, most to all lands were occupied at various times in human history.

            Given the volume of information that was deliberately hidden over a very long span of time, that is now being revealed by hones achaelogist, it is inconceiable that humans did occupy thses lands long before the Caribs and Arawaks. Afterall, there was a certain group of people living in South and north America where the Caribs and Arawaks migrated from for centuries.

            Given that that is a fact, it could be a speculated surity some were occuping these lands also, but later on who met the same fate as the Caribs and Arawaks.

            Afterall, except for those humongous African heads, the Olmecs, and pyramids found in Mexico and South America, one would have never known that a certain race of people were living there who was not Indian. That history was deliberately erased.

            @One would think: Attitudes change when circunstances encourage them..

      • lol says:

        Continuing the plunder of our treasury, and largesse that’s been going on for decades is not alternative

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      • Lodger says:

        What on earth makes you think UK is interested in colonialism? They cant get shot of us quick enough, but it must be done in a responsible way, both for our own sake, and so that the UK does not get accused abandoning us to a bunch of inexperienced but crafty crooks.

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      • Sounds like you are says:

        You are part of the problem. Probably a narco trafficker or corrupt government official? You probably prefer to keep on doing what you are doing without anyone watching you?

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      • Popeye says:

        What our human rights over the last 30 years of bad governance? Your silence led us to become a narco state.

    • Government Official 1 says:

      We appear to have a weak , appeasing Governor. Luckily for some.

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  2. VIP says:

    And it was during the C o I that MR Fahie was making deal.

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  3. SMH says:

    It’s rather unfortunate that the Present Government got stuck with a wolf in sheep’s clothing thus the continuation of bad Governance Label. As a People(Citizens in good Faith) need to work along side the Members of the Cabinet to try and correct the damaged done and make effort to thrive for Great Governance. It doesn’t matter who are elected now or in the Future. People need to put a lid on their personal agendas of hate and dislikes and work with and not against the Government. Who is to say what the next Administration will do or not do? Work with what you have now for the betterment of ALL. No One knows what the next Election might curtail. We All don’t LOVE each Other, but, it’s time to work and live as One for the Love and Progress of the BVI. Despite All the Crisis and dilemmas BVI is still Our Home. May God Mercies be with Us as We try and move Forward.🙏🏿

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    • No… says:


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    • BVIlander says:

      “It’s rather unfortunate that the Present Government got stuck with a wolf in sheep’s clothing”

      This govt went on for 3 years they were not stuck with anyone, they could have gotten up and crossed the floor, that would have been the decision of anyone descent. As adults and professionals we make decisions everyday about who we are, if we’re honest or dishonest. This current set of legislators sat in the govt for 3 years agreeing to all kinds of wrong doing. If it was up to me I would charge them somehow with treason because what they did was betray my country by agreeing to the whims of one dishonest and despicable man.

      I am fully in agreement with the UK taking over to clean up this mess and give us a chance to build a new generation of politicians that will put the BVI first, I am not supporting them, they don’t mean anything good for my country, they are their for a paycheck and for themselves

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  4. Only the truth says:

    No to direct rule from the oppressors

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    • Common sense says:

      Clearly the public don’t agree with you so you are part of the problem.

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      • @common senee says:

        What public you talking bout mehson? Fact, 99.5% of the comments posed here daily in regads to UK take over and subsquent full domination are posted by white english people here and in UK..

        Who have observational sense cannot not see. Have any ides of the meaning of the word, syntax?

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    • @the truth says:

      Your oppressors are your elected officials. Your enemy is actually trying to help you, such a pity you cannot see it through that thick fog of hate.

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      • @@the truth and the young ones. says:

        Students, here are two prime, pristene and perfect illustration of divide and conquer and reverse psychology packaged in one…

  5. world War 3 says:

    UK direct rule will fix this mess in 2 years.

    what other choice do we have?

    Wheatley still leaves the board members and he knows they are corrupt.

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  6. Down2earth says:

    “The commissioner found that not only did the elected ministers not identify reasons for the poor state of governance, but they shifted the blame to deficiencies within the public service which he found were not a substantial cause.”

    All of us have watched, heard and analyzed the speech and behaviour of members of the ‘unity government’; can we say that the behaviour of each matches their words of sorrow? Can we truly say that they are up for the task of putting us back on track after ‘whole-heartedly’ supporting questionable actions by THEIR government? Each one of us who deals with a child knows that that child is only sorrowful when he/she is caught doing wrong. For many, they do the same thing again as soon as your back is turned. To me, based on this present government’s behaviour, thus far, will lead to this same scenario.

    The only way that confidence in our government can be restored is to have a suspension of the constitution. This may be embarrassment or perceived take over for some, but not all medicine that one takes is sweet to the taste.

    I respectfully suggest that we take our bitter medicine. In the end it will be sweet to the marrow and bones of our Virgin Islands.

    (I am a proud Virgin Islander, born and bred to the Nth generation)

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  7. Roger Burnett says:

    Thirty years ago, governor Peter Penfold alerted the UK to one failure of good governance. This related to the absence of impartiality by the Ministry for Immigration when favored BVI families are involved.

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  8. The TRUTH says:


  9. Licker and Sticker says:

    Stevie Wonder saw that the Administration was reacting to the COI findings when they started flooding the airways with “good governance” talk. Truth be told these parties and politicians whether VIP or NDP are all trash and need to get thrown out before the stink up the entire place.

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  10. Anonymous says:

    Herein, is the face of the man and the plan to disenfranchise Blk BVIs. of their wealth and put them bak 600years if not permanently.

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  11. sickening now man says:

    Listening to this man you will swear that nothing in the BVI was ever done right

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  12. Abraham says:

    Let’s focus on happiness and safety and most of all understanding our culture so we can introduce it proudly to our visitors who contribute so much to our economy.

    Let’s start with a simple project: What does the word on our flag – VIGILATE -mean? Many of us grew up not understanding the meaning and today sadly many people still do not understand the meaning of the term.

    What does Vigilate mean to you? Should we replace it with something more current? If so what? (I propose either sunshine or happiness)

    • Vigilate…. says:

      Is Latin and means literally “ Watch “

      Or be vigilant.

      It could be a recommendation for the people to watch carefully what those who seek to rule them are doing.

      We really have no way of doing that at the moment. The government tells us only what they want us to know.

  13. Hahahaha. Can't fool Britain . says:

    In other words, don’t trust the local politicians they just playing smart pretending like they care or they are serious when they are not. Don’t be fooled by their reaction to pressure .

    • Thank You very much Judge says:

      You hit the nail on its head. You have made the perfect case for Britain direct rule. They will not change, they are only pretending to change now they are facing the Gun, as the Gun is rest down and Britain step away and the threat of direct rule have been demolished, they will be back to their old corrupt and greedy ways in a more creative way,,Give us direct Rule for one year, Clean the place up, put procedures and policies in order then call election..Leave an over sight team,, We will be good

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  14. Question says:

    To all my fellow BV Islanders who are concerned with the UK’s recent action vis a vie the BVI constitution. Can you answer this question, exactly what personal liberties do you expect to lose through the actions of the UK government?

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  15. Let them come says:

    This Unity Government will continue with the same deceit just a different day. The corruption in systemic. BVI needs a good cleaning.

  16. Dots says:

    Boards???, they are the case of the fox watching the hen house. Sad time for our precious BVI. Broke down, clean house. Education, healthcare, please fix the sewage problem. New horses in the gate. Starting all over again is gonna be rough but we can make it.

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