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‘Today’s a bit strange’ | Maduro-Caines marks first time in HOA as a VIP gov’t member

Sixth District Representative Alvera Maduro-Caines admitted that being a member of the governing Virgin Islands Party (VIP) is still something she is getting used to.

Today is the first time that Maduro-Caines attended the House of Assembly since crossing the proverbial floor from the opposing National Democratic Party to the VIP, earlier this year.

Speaking to the media outside the House of Assembly on Thursday, she said: “Today is a bit strange because for the past year I have been accustomed to being in the Opposition. But it’s going to be ok,” she said.

When asked about some of her plans going forward, she said: “I don’t necessarily have a plan but the way I look at the country today, all hands have to be on deck when it comes to your people and the enrichment of your people.”

She also reiterated that her decision was “mostly based on the country and putting the country and the people first”.

Nothing against my Opposition colleagues

Meanwhile, Maduro-Caines made it clear that she had a clear conscience as she got ready to face her colleagues on the opposite end of the aisle today onward.

“I have nothing against my Opposition colleagues, but sometimes we have to rise above party politics,” she stated.

The now-VIP legislator continued: “Of course they were disappointed,” she said in relation to not informing them in advance of her decision to resign from the NDP. “But you cannot really do something like that. You just have to move.”

She also admitted that it was “strange being in Opposition from being on the government side for the past eight years”. 

“I just concentrate because my people put me there, so it didn’t matter what side, once I represented them.”

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  1. Snoppy says:

    “I don’t necessarily have a plan…”

    LOL – as per

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  2. Michael Helm says:

    A Full Circle?
    I voted for my district candidate, AMC, because she was a member of the NDP, a party started by Paul Whatley and others, including myself, out of concern over the path of the VIP under Ralph O’Neal’s Chief Ministership following the death of the VIP’s founder and the first Chief Minister, H Leavity Stoutt.
    Ralph had crossed the floor from a smaller opposition party after the Deputy Chief, Omar Hodge was required to resign under a cloud, on condition that he was appointed Deputy Chief.
    I hope that the “New” VIP’s will follow the example of Leavity, putting the interests of his “My People” and the Party first before their own financial embellishment, as many people seem to think had become prevalent.

  3. Ndp says:

    That lady confused. “I DONT Have a plan”
    who in their sane mind would jump ship without a plan to demand? Girl stop letting Andrew fool you. And talk up for your district!!!

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  4. Traitor says:

    Political Puppet!

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    • Freda says:

      A political puppet is better than a satanic party. That they NDP stand for. Political satanic party.

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      • Rubbish says:

        Was the NDP the ones putting posters of birds in trees? You have not seen satanic yet? Keep an eye on what is taking place under the so called new VIP.

  5. Reply says:

    It was my opinion years ago when the lady from the 7th was a part of the NDP, that she was the weakest link. Now that she has unceremoniously quit the NDP and joined the VIP, it is my opinion again, that she remains the weakest link in that party as well. Same person, different party.

    Politicians are among my least favorite people. In life I value loyalty, strength, and conviction. Unfortunately, I do not see this new VIP newcomer as having anyone of those qualities I value.

    Personally, I do not have respect or time for politicians who jump ship when it’s politically expedient for them to do so.

    Nevertheless, I wish her well in her new role despite I think her handbag is empty and a knock off Guchi made in China.

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  6. voiceofthevoiceless says:

    Wow I don’t have a plan? What a disrespect to the constituents of District 6 and the wider BVI. a Legislator without a plan. Well what do we expect as Hon. Maduro Caines was the same one who brought us ‘There is nothing to fix in district six”.

    Hon Maduro Caines is a nice person but Politician and Leader she is not.

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  7. Reply says:

    Correction: That should read 6th district as oppose to 7th.

  8. vip heckler says:

    Who wants to hear anything from delilah? Sure it wont be sampson

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  9. Colours says:

    But, she still wears red and blue since the change over…is she still with NDP?

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  10. Country says:

    Still wearing NDP red though! 😉

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  11. YOUTH says:

    Hon. Caines there are more with you than those against.

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  12. Well says:

    She will always be NDP until the VIP Congress select her as a candidate of the VIP… all she did was jump ship just for her gains, how can you go before the media and say you don’t have a plan or more so unprepared since it’s the first sitting since you switched you should have been well prepared for any question that would be directed to you…. now the real questions are, Will Mr.Premier offer John a big money to stay out the nomination just so she can get in on the VIP ticket unopposed? Or if not will John bite the bullet and run independent?

  13. Um says:

    If people voted for you because you represented a particular party and you leave that party, then the district should have another election as you are no longer representing the people who voted for you.

  14. Real tool says:

    De li la will soon find out who this Andrew fahie is he worst than Judas time will tell.

  15. vev says:

    PLease leave Hon. Andrew Fahie alone and let us do the work of the people. Why all the negative. No positive..

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