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Two injured during shooting on VG

Two men have been injured in a shooting incident on Virgin Gorda on Sunday, November 29.

Police did not disclose the extent of the injuries nor did they outline the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The law enforcers said no further information is available at this time.

This incident comes less than a week after a shooting on the main island of Tortola. Police said an attempt was made on the life of Cliff Williams during that previous incident which happened on the evening of November 25.

That November 25 shooting was said to be in connection with the murder of Everton McMaster.

McMaster is the BVI’s third murder victim of 2020.


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  1. Need says:

    Scotland Yard needs to be brought in and restore order to the Territory. There is an obvious criminal drug war going on and it needs to be halted at once. Why have we not heard further on the $250mil drug bust. The Territory is becoming Mogadishu and that’s nothing to be proud of. Where is the Foy? He wants independence but can’t handle rooting out a few drug criminals. All smoke and talk he is. No action man.

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  2. Resident says:

    We need a reinforced company of British soldiers and direct rule for 6 – 9 months; with a Royal Navy presence and UK manned radar posts. That will give time for the vaccine to roll out and tourism to start up again. For the period where there is such poverty the law enforcement has to be really calm, but in overwhelming force, with saturation patrolling.

    That will stop most violent crime; and also the penetration of corruption into the government/local law enforcement, from the drug transiting. In Sept 21 we can have elections, hopefully with votes for all residents with no criminal record who have been here 5 years (like nearly everywhere else in the world) and we might get into a position where we could contemplate increased self government or independence. If we keep on as we are, hallo Haiti!

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  3. I myself says:

    I myself is very troubled that up to now the premier and other ministers have not main an announcement condemning the killings that is taking place . What a shame. These criminal activities cannot be allowed to continue. We need outside help immediately. This is no joke. Innocent people are going to get killed. These criminals have to respect for law and order. A few have became so brave that they are killing in high day light and nobody seeing. What a thing in nature’s little secret. When killers start to operate in broad day light it means that they do not have a respect for local law enforcement. Please whoever is responsible for the territory seek outside help now . Ministers we voted for you guys to help keep this island safe and you are failing big time. Do something.

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    • Deh Watcha says:

      The Premier is quiet because he is waiting for the Governor or Chief of Police to make a statement.

      That way he can rebut it and politicize it.

  4. Wow says:

    You all hate outside influence but you need it now wow table turn. You kick up about the uk military assistance now you want Scotland yard. Get your s**t under control.

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  5. Is true says:

    On the other hand the bvi is one of the only Caribbean island where politicians can sit on the block without security, if you guys are really smart, this level of freedom must be preserved with great diligence…..

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  6. Rubber Duck says:

    Why does Big Daddy have bodyguards and armoured limos?

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  7. Big daddy says:

    He have security so no one take he food

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