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UK pulling out of funding RDA

Finance Minister Andrew Fahie

The United Kingdom will be pulling its contributions from the Recovery Development Agency (RDA) — the body which was set up after the 2017 disasters to manage fund for the rebuilding process.

Premier Andrew Fahie said the UK government will be pulling its contributions by the end of the first quarter of 2021 because they don’t agree with his government’s revised version of the previous NDP administration’s Recovery & Development Plan.

Among other things, the revised plan makes more contracts available to locals and allows for the BVI to renegotiate the terms and conditions of loans offered by lending institutions such as the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

But Premier Fahie said the UK has signalled that the revised plan is not what they initially agreed to.

“During the budget [preparations], we learned that they not only disagreed with the revised Recovery & Development Plan, but they’re pulling out their funding from the RDA come March or April,” Premier Fahie explained.

“The reason they are pulling out their funding is that the Recovery & Development Plan was done from them (the UK) to the RDA. But the revised Recovery & Development Plan was not what they agreed to initially, so the funding from the RDA, they’re pulling out … How can you claim freedom from BREXIT but we can’t claim freedom from certain documents with you?” Premier Fahie questioned.

The local government is the biggest contributor to the RDA having contributed some $10 million as of October 2020.

“External grants and philanthropic funders” account for $2.8 million. 

Last October, the UK government handed over some $250,000 to assist the BVI in rebuilding two important public buildings in the BVI.

Of the total amount, $187,000 was allocated to assist with constructing a new Magistrate’s Court while $70,000 was earmarked for rebuilding Road Town Police Station.

At that time, Governor Jaspert said after the 2017 hurricanes, the BVI received two UK government grants of $17 million and $14 million.

He also said some public buildings including the Virgin Gorda Police Barracks, the Jost Van Dyke Admin Complex and the temporary courts, were built with funds from the UK.


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  1. hmmmm says:

    so why did you tamper with the agreement that was already in place?

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    • Hmmmmmmm says:

      To see how much he can squeeze out of it. Money money money ?

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Lid screwed down on the cookie jar.

    • Wise up says:

      But this man not easy me son he want to change what was in place and working for the bvi?Its only local getting these contract as far I can see so what the big deal guess he and the delta man want to be in charge of the $$$$$

    • Hmmm says:

      “Captain this ship is sinking, Captain the Seas are rough…. Shall we abandon ship or shall we sail on it”

      Next election we have all intention to abandon this ship…. can’t take anymore of this high level of incompetence.

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  2. Well well says:

    Firstly, even without the governor’s version of this story I don’t believe the version given by our Premier. I am very sorry but I have major problems believing anything from the mouth of our Prenier. He tells too many untruths for a grown man. The reason for pulling the finances has to be more than what our Premier is saying.
    Secondly, if the UK would go as far as to pull their funding it shows a lack of confidence in this administration. Those of us who are observing, except for the cronies and other cult members, do not have any confidence in the ability of this government.

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  3. Poking the Bear says:

    Couldn’t come as a complete surprise. You want to go it alone?

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  4. Struggling Man says:

    Perhaps the UK are tired of our Premier’s bully tactics with the Governor, his constant criticism of the UK, and the unending talk of Independence. Paying his buddy Claude to brainwash the people and the tax payer footing the bill.

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    • WOW says:

      We as a people need to understand that this governor and the UK are never going to respect our desires as a people of the Virgin Islands. They only have their own interest at heart.

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    • My eyes wide open says:

      When the RDA was formed and the UK man Bayly was in charge they paid him three hundred thousand dollars a year in salary. Now the local guy is in charge he does not make half of that. Clearly it is never about improving us a people in the V.I.

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    • Bvi trump says:

      Black Trump n the donkey who advised him will make bvi loose the US dollar an then they can have there nature little secret to themselves huh . If the voters don’t remove him it’s the end of bvi he is teaching the youth to disrespect governors an the UK such a shame

  5. Mad Max says:

    How can this i***t Premier compare this to Brexit? He still wants the funding but on his terms. The world doesn’t work like that. He sounds so childish.

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  6. SMI says:

    I hope this is the start of the UK taking over until the next Election, Andrew Fahie you are not fit for the job. You think you can bully the UK and that is not a good move.

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  7. awa says:

    Andrew Fahie you made this happen by changing what the UK put in place because they didn’t trust the NDP and they sure as hell don’t trust you.

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  8. My view says:

    I do not always agree with our Premier and his government but I commend them because they stand up for we the people of the Virgin Islands. All the Premier says and does is to put the people of the Virgin Islands first whenever possible even in the RDA. I see nothing wrong with this at ALL!

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    • Here is my view says:

      You are a damn crony. That’s why you do not see a problem. You really think the Premier looking out for us, or himself.

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  9. LB says:

    They just don’t want anything to do with you sir. No one has any confidence in you except the members of your party who see you like Jim Jones. All drinking the kool-aid while our country is going to the dogs!

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  10. Poor People says:

    It’s sad to see, but slavery have long gone but some of you still have that slavery mentality and blood running through your vain.
    What ever masa says is right and the truth and you love to run to masa and complain the other slaves.
    Some of you are still house slaves just sitting and waiting around for the left overs.
    Let’s learn to free our minds from white is better white is right and any other form of this slavery mentality that have been installed or wept into our genes.

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    • @Por People says:

      True, factual and correct words. Not one living soul, Black, White, purple or pink can prove they are not.

      Yet, most will thumbs down such a factual statement. Why? Denial is why. Inability to accept truth and facts is the other?

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    • Problem says:

      The problem is you gots a field n***a running the country.

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  11. Tough road says:

    I would want back my money too from these incompetent people we have leading our country. They are spending off the treasury money trying to buy support from the public. Where are they getting all this money to be dishing out in this hard time? And not dishing out for urgent things. Our country is in trouble. Major trouble. Businesses are moving away. Tourism is in shambles and they have no plan for raising revenue except to be selling a set of marijuana they say. We should be very concerned for our country’s future.

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  12. ON A LOSER says:

    The UK plays a long game. It is not about racism. It is about power. You do not have the power nationally or internationally to fight the UK. You simply do not have what it takes. You taking advice from CSK and a bunch of parasites and expect to move the BVI forward? You will lose. The people alone will decide the future of this land. Not you lot.

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  13. Wow says:

    Would have love to see the revised plan to pick out what the UK doesn’t like.

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  14. It was you says:


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  15. WTF says:

    The RDA was formed on an agreement. If one party doesn’t hold up their end of a contract, they are in breach. Let me ask you this: If you pay someone to build a house in instalments and half way through the instalments you find they haven’t even broken ground yet, are you going to continue paying your instalments? We should be thankful for what they have provided so far, and what they have continued to offer under the condition of transparency and accountability. It’s up to the BVI if they want to take the deal or not, but remember, if we become independent none of this would have even been available in the first place.

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  16. Bo Who says:

    Cry me a river Premier. You are the cause of this. The UK IS TIRED OF YOU JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE ARE.

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  17. vip heckler says:

    The vip has finally fokus by harassing the governor

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  18. Yawn says:

    Are we surprised by this? You rant and rave like a spoilt child when you dont get your way, what you expect?!

    If my memory serves me correctly, the RDA was in every community explaining the Recovery/Development Plan to us, the residents and entertaining questions and getting feedback from the public.

    Who the hell is this new government to come in and change the plan without coming back to us the people?? Do we, THE PUBLIC, know what the changes are? Until we know what they are, I would have withheld my money too. Its just the safe thing to do at the moment. Do not be fooled by the premier, there is more than one side to a story.

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  19. Leveller says:

    F*t Trump played the game, took it to the brink and must now live with it.

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  20. nutmeg says:

    Lies plus more lies!! This Premier is all about twisting the truth to suit his agenda of the month. Why would the UK or anyone for that matter continue to invest in an organisation whose mandate has been reduced significantly? It’s all about value for money.

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  21. Ohooooo says:

    Don’t look so sad Premier, Eventually the farmer always find a way to trap the ? that is sneaking into the barn and picking off the chickens.

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  22. What! says:

    Google BVI territory programme and the truth is on the UK Government webpage. It was only ever supported by the UK until March 2021

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  23. big move! says:

    This speaks volume. To take back funding is a serious move and it cannot be as simple as the premier is describing. There must be some major reason. To take back money is also by action showing a lack of confidence in the leadership of the country. People, do not take this action lightly and certainly do not allow our Premier to l** his way out of this. He l**s in one hand and then hold the bible in the next.

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  24. NB says:

    *****sips tea**** watching ‘Operation Destruct BeeVeeI’ written and directed by Uncle Foy!!

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  25. And I Say says:

    You don’t see smoke without fire.

    The UK want to be calling the shots well dole out the monies to keep RDA and the Governor’s office afloat. Why should our tax payers foot the bill for these two entities when they are UK initiated?

    I hear them say starve the beast sooner or later he will die.

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  26. Agree says:

    Yes please inform the public exactly what the government’s revised version of the previous NDP administration’s Recovery & Development Plan is.
    We the people demand transparency as is our right!

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  27. News site says:

    Is this news site a bash the Government site does not matter which Government in power.
    It’s was the same thing when the opposition was elected.
    Not one positive story.

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    • Right says:

      I wasn’t going to comment because it’s obvious the news site is stirring up trouble. And people are too lazy to get their news first hand. Some came recently and they want to act like they know what’s best or even what’s going on.

      They will be shocked when the government is in for another four years because what they try to portray online is lacking substance. This government is for the people.

      If bashing any government is their strategy to get views, or their idea of reporting then they need to sit down and figure out a better way.

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  28. Deh Watcha says:

    So what now happens to the loan backing offered by the UK and even the RDA itself?

    Without that loan or “other funds equal to it”, the RDA is in my opinion non functioning and just another waste.

    What a fiasco.

  29. WEW says:

    ALWAYS someone else’s fault. Sounding more like Trump all the time

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  30. Resident says:

    I really do not understand Premier Fahie’s attitude towards the Governor. The Governor has no personal axe to grind. He is just here to do a job. I am sure he has a job description as to what he can do or not do. He has a boss I’m sure whom he has to answer to. I listened to him on radio this morning bashing the governor. If you do not like being under the U.K. you have a choice to get out from under them. As long as you are a territory, there are certain things you have to contend with and a governor is one. It doesn’t make sense getting upset with the status quo. It is clear Fahie does not like being watched! It makes you wonder why!!!!

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  31. Yawn says:

    The UK treats us like Trump treats Puerto Rico.

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  32. Awful man says:

    We finally see now who was the bully was all along. The Premier when he was on the opposition was always saying that people was bullying him. Nothing but lies. Everything he l**d to us about with the NDP he is exactly that way. Andrew Fahie is not fit for the job of Premier.

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  33. Ausar says:

    Not surprised here!

    Thats why I told you, Premier, to leave that blood money alone!

    Good riddance of it!

    Let us now as a people DO what we have to,to improve our lives..

    Nuff said!

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  34. Facts says:

    The BVI Governments (both parties) have failed the territory after the 2017 storms. The country urgently needed upgraded infrastructure to provide better electricity, water, roads, telecommunications, air and sea facilities, etc. Yet the politicians failed to grab the opportunity, because of incompetence or corruption or both. Education – the enabler of future generations and the best way to release the skills of the territory’s people – has been and is still ignored. It’s nothing but shameful.

    The private sector went ahead and rebuilt. The public sector remains a total shambles and with no vision from BVI Governments, why should the UK bother any more at all? Whether the BVI becomes independent or not, you will get your wish and will be ignored.

  35. Keep it up Premier says:


  36. TIS GOOD!!! says:

    I know this was bound to happen. This Administration came in and changed up how things was for what reason I dont know. Another thing, HR is for who them for.Them giving the money to who they want to give it to like them friends and them family n what not. People who really need assistance out here suffering and can’t get a quart. Them had need to discontinue fundings from long.

  37. Medusa says:

    Well BVI wanted independence from the UK and now they have it. The Government cannot have their cake and eat. They treat Governor Jaspert with no respect at all but they still wanted the money. Now because the Government think they are bigger than the UK and change the deal they lost the money. Its the people that suffer. Not all want independence from the UK.

  38. UK says:

    Great News, Well done UK

  39. Nobody see the trouble I see says:

    Black people. The UK ia not your friend. If you dont know your history you are bound to repeat it. Our goverment is not perfect but a lot of you want England to take over. Research the Turks and Casios Islands’ calamity. See how the white government is abusing the blacks in that country. In this day and age, who want another race to rule them. Look how the black people are treated in the US, UK and other countries. We were enslaved for over 400 years. White people got rich off the backs of black people. My god we have not learn zilt. Every man should rule his own house hold.

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