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UPDATE: Crash victim in fatal traffic accident identified

Police have released the identity of the crash victim involved in Tuesday’s fatal traffic accident on Gene Hill, Tortola.

He has been identified as 27-year-old K’Shawn Thomas — a resident of Greenland.

Thomas was reportedly riding a motor scooter that crashed into a fuel truck.

“Details surrounding the accident are still unclear. Investigations are ongoing in this matter,” police have said.

Previously-published article

A scooter rider is feared dead following a reported traffic accident in the Gene Hill area of Tortola on Tuesday, March 24.

The accident reportedly involved the rider and a fuel truck.

Police Information Officer Akia Thomas said members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) are currently ‘on the scene’ and are prohibiting any vehicular traffic to the area at this time.

“Due to the accident at Gene Hill, the road will be closed to traffic. The RVIPF advises that motorists commute via the Ridge Road,” she told BVI News.

Details of the accident are not clear but images sent to or news centre indicate that the rider and his bike got pinned under the heavy-duty vehicle.

Local authorities, in the meantime, have not yet released any official statements about the accident or the condition of the rider.

BVI News will provide more information as it becomes available.

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  1. Hmmm says:

    Sad he lost his life. But, many many times we witness scooter riders riding with no regard for others. This situation could have been worse…suppose that truck exploded SMH

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    • @Hmmmm says:

      The scooter situation should be left alone. It is culling the stupidity on the island. The government is obviously more stupid than the scooter riders and getting rid of their offspring. Waiting for bigger motorcycles. Hope they are on their way.

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    • Hmmm says:

      I also hope that the driver is okay. I am sure he was shaken up by this. Imagine going about your daily routine on your job and this happen….he might need counseling ** sigh **

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  2. Meh Son says:

    Another one. When is the government going to do something and take this problem into hand? How many more have to die before we realise this is a problem? It seems more young men die from scooter accidents than from anything else. You are not making the situation any better by looking the other way.

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    • Josh says:

      And to think this Government want to allow big bikes on island. SMDH

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    • really, says:

      you know the government cannot solve all the problem. what happens with personal responsibility.

      these guys are very reckless on the road and have no regards for others.

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      • Meh Son says:

        The government can solve the problem by showing leadership on the issue: making it known that careless riding and riders will be prosecuted, publicly supporting the police in going after scooter riders and or banning scooters all together.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Ban them.

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  3. Care? says:

    One more down. A thousand more to go

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  4. Citizen says:

    Am so sorry for this accident. Every life is so precious; Please parents talk to your boys and ask them to be wise when riding. there is no second chance on earth after death, please cherish your life young people.

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  5. VIP FAHIE says:



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    • Helmets ? says:

      The BVI highway code clearly states its illegal to use a moterbike with out a helmet , its printed on the motercycle page, so why do the police allow them to zoom past them constantly , you can see they are breaking the law from 500 feet away

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      • Bob says:

        I agree it’s rare to see a young man or his passenger wearing a helmet in broad daylight on the main roads. And don’t get me started on the scooters I can clearly hear during the night.

  6. Empathy says:

    The fact that you guys just assuming that he just another reckless scooter driver without knowing the circumstances of the accident, shows how ignorant society is. COME FOR ME.

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  7. Too True says:

    BVI News – you should be ashamed of yourselves for posting such a graphic picture. How do you think the family & friends will feel when they see this?

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  8. Empathy says:

    The fact that you guys are just assuming that he just another reckless scooter driver without knowing the circumstances of the accident, shows how ignorant society is. COME FOR ME.

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    • Query says:

      Sad for the families but yet again a scooter hits oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the road and uphill….

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  9. Sympathy says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words. The fuel truck appears to be on the side of the road it supposed to be on. The scooter and the rider is under the fuel truck. How much more circumstances you need than that Empathy??

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  10. Oh BVI says:

    Sad to see another young life lost, regardless of the circumstances. Sincere condolences to the family. May God give you strength in this time of sadness and loss. God Bless.

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  11. Have a heart says:

    Think for just a moment – This could have been the son of a loved one. Now put yourself in their shoes. The bible says that “Time and Chance happens to all men”. Yes we often warn our young men but things still happen. Let us go back to being the community that will raise the child together and who together will mourn the loss of one so young. You and I cannot imagine what his love ones a going through right now. Condolences goes out to his family and friends. May the peace of God be with you.

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  12. Electric Shock! says:

    That is not the way you overtake…

    I rest my case.

  13. The Nation says:

    And during this week or last week another was seen driving through town boldly and without a care in the world with an ATV without any licence plate (because they are not licensed for road use)…

    Do the CCT cameras at the traffic lights work? Look how many people running red lights recklessly, most scooter riders but not all… when will there be prosecutions and the fines raised…

    Meanwhile, BVI Cabinet give yourself a clap…you may have fulfilled a campaign promise but at what cost and at whose expense? When you check the stats most fatal accidents in the BVI involve scooters and are scooter riders…not cars… how many for the year?

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  14. Westman says:


  15. Vote says:

    For banning of the bikes ? for not banning the bikes ??

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  16. WE Man says:

    What we need is an effective beat and patrol unit in the police force.

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  17. Diaspora says:

    The VI is losing too many of its sons and daughters and blood and treasure in the sun rise of their young lives to motorcycle mishaps and accidents. It is a great lost to families and the territory. As such, the VI must marshal the effort to reverse this trend of avoidable accidents with fatal results.

    Like driving an automobile, riding a motorcycle, scooter, bicycle……..etc is inherently dangerous and are more so when they are ridden with reckless abandon and not consistent with and in accordance with the rules of the road. I’m not privy to what happen in this accident so it would not be fair and irresponsible to comment on this specific incident. My comments are on my past observations and experiences.

    Moreover, there is a deadly problem with motorcycle or scooter riders and the community must find solutions to the behaviour that is causing lives. The reckless behaviour of many motorcycle or scooter riders is providing a danger to themselves as well as to other motorists and pedestrians. For example, one day, while traveling east on the Walter Francis Carriageway, out of no where came a scooter rider darting between cars and collided with my mirror. The young man look at me like what is the problem. To motorcycle or scooter riders, riding is a privilege, not a right, so do so safely and defensively and stay alive. Your family and the territory needs you. Condolences to K’Shawn Thomas family.

  18. We have a problem says:

    This is an issue with enforcement. There is no enforcement of any traffic or marine laws. So the result is reckless behavior which leads to tragedies like this. This has to change. Please government, make it easier for police to enforce our laws! The clunky Magistrate process takes months to process simple violations. We need a ticketing process that is simple and fines that are realistic and non-negotiable. Then we need to educate everyone about this (and write lots of tickets!)

  19. Cared says:

    This is so sad, my sympathy to this young man family, now I would hope the law enforcement, enforced the law, regarding always wearing helmets on all motorcycles, young people need to be careful. Stop riding recklessly.

  20. God is good says:

    Big or small the driver of the bike have control over the bike not u or the governor these young men driving crazy on the so u can’t blame people for it them cause them own death may his soul RIP

  21. WELLNESS says:

    scooters and big bikes don’t kill people . people kill themselves. people die everyday from car accident so we should ban car? if you operate any equipment or machinery inconsistent with laws and the manufacture labels you bound to have situations, sometimes fatal .that’s the facts of life

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