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Venezuelans held in Sunday raid and now awaiting deportation

Two persons whom local law enforcers held at the Bettito Frett Building in Road Town on Sunday, September 6, have been identified as Venezuelan nationals who overstayed their landing permit in the territory.

A media release from the Ministry of Labour & Immigration said they are currently being detained pending deportation from the British Virgin Islands.

The media release said the operation to capture the Venezuelans was spearheaded by the territory’s joint security task force and lasted roughly two-and-a-half-hours.

“The operation resulted in the discovery of 72 persons living in the building. Among the persons found in the building were two male Venezuelan individuals who have overstayed the time permitted on their landing permits as visitors. The other 70 individuals found at the location were able to show proof that they are legally residing in the territory and were not detained,” the release said. 


In the meantime, Acting Chief Immigration Officer, Ian Penn thanked members of the public who alerted the department for the subsequent apprehension of the two men.

“Creating a safer community is the business of everyone who calls the BVI home, and we are encouraging the public to support law enforcement agencies. We are in this together with BVILOVE,” Penn stated.

He also expressed his gratitude to the Joint Task Force for their efforts.

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  1. the watcher says:

    70 people living in that building!! How is that possible??

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    • Yep says:

      They are packed in, just a few bathrooms and limited kitchen facilities but the rent is cheap. The owner needs investigating. Is this what we want in the commercial district?

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      • Uh huh says:

        Sounds like another Belonger slumlord getting rich off the backs of the unfortunate. Quite a useful raid. 2 people stayed longer than their permit. Belongers never do that when they go to the US. They are law abiding. Lmfao

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      • huh says:

        I wonder how them so got land on the cay?

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  2. fed up says:


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  3. bottom line says:

    BF absolutely has no pride nor love for his country? How come his cousin don’t speak about this on his weekly wednesday night talk shows???

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  4. Real bad says:

    This is only the tip of a very unhealthy iceberg. Government needs to get to the bottom of it.

    Too many stories evolving about pockets of illegal persons in this little place. We are opening up a BIG can of worms if we don’t clamp down on it like yesterday. Is this a healthy environment for children to be around? Do they have proper sanitation? Are they packed up like sardines? Are they gainfully employed? What are the authorities doing
    about it? How many other places like this one are around the islands?

    Government, this is NOT healthy. We need to hear from you on this troubling situation.

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  5. Wow says:

    Here we go. They send 70 people back into that slum area and no consequences for the local landlord.

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  6. News Reporters says:

    News Reporters get to the bottom of this …it is NOT a condo. It is NOT fit for residence if it was…we are expecting a report on your findings.

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  7. Earl says:

    I mentioned this building in March !
    Not so much about their work status but the fact that there are so many people living in a barracks style accommodation.
    If one of those people get Covid 19 it will spread like wildfire !

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  8. Popeye $$$ says:

    Just BS people talking in this.

    Please mf. Leave people leave alone. A lot of all you are very nasty. This is hard time for everybody. So stop harrasing people. Live your own life. Look this one just talking sh.., who paying 750$ in the building. If you dont know do not talk. And the fk…. old mand he dont like nobody. Is him who call inmigration and police. But surprise for he. Nobody of who he hate was illegal. So im happy he no get what hi want.

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    • @ Popeye $$$ says:

      You trying to fool us in thinking he didn’t know 72 people staying in that building?

      If he found out after and called the police he did get what he want because they cannot take over his building.

  9. Yawn says:

    72 people in a residential building? They got to play rock,paper, scissors to see who gets the bathroom but word on the street is they using Village Cay area and other public spots as the bathroom when $h!t hits the fan. Whoever in charge of this area of government need to fix that ASAP. That is not proper. The building isn’t big enough to properly House that many people. No more than 20 people in one spot due to Covid but you have 72 people like sardines in a can talking bout they live there. What’s worse is this is in a popular tourist area. This need to be fixed before the borders open.

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  10. Wow says:

    How long did these 2 persons overstayed?and from when they did.

  11. @Uh huh says:

    You must continue to lyao because your kind is completely off of customs, immigration and law enforcement radar in the BVIslands.

    You guys live in complete freedom in your segregated communities and small islands, and live and do as you damn well please with out a worry in the world for being in breach of and being held accountable to BVI laws.

    As, the systems of law and order and others appear applicable only to locals and brown skinned folk. One can only wonder if such directives actually come from the highest in command.

    That is called white priviledge. Take your mouse to the dislike feature, but truth is truth, and disliking the comment won’t change that. In fact, such illustartes a psychology of denial who dare you point out such blatant societal priviledges.

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  12. MORRIFICADO says:

    Aquí es una isla hermosa me encanta este lugar pero el caso de ese edificio es un lugar demasiado incómodo.
    Si por aquí se pudiera mandar fotos fuera un palo para que el gobierno pueda ver con sus propio ojo de lo que hay en esa área.

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  13. Anonymous says:

    @Uh huh: Many see and view nature as something to be exploited and defeated. The same views are held true for Belongers/locals, as is evident in some in some comments posited daily on local news comments sites.

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  14. not news says:

    If you live here you must know that Mr. BF has always awaited the law. There are so many reasons to investigate. Just saying

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  15. Street talking says:

    how bout all of them woman passport who are over staying and u have on your wing ….think to talk ……but thank u

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