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VIP gov’t to have first Cabinet meeting today, ‘historic’ VG venue

The VIP government.

The Andrew Fahie-led VIP government will host its very first Cabinet meeting on Virgin Gorda today, March 7.

Hosting the meeting on Virgin Gorda is being described as an unprecedented move, considering that meetings are typically held on the main island of Tortola.

The decision to host the meeting on the sister island is a move made to uphold Premier Fahie’s promise of being a government of inclusion.

“I am holding true to my word with this initial step for this administration’s first Cabinet meeting to be convened on our sister island of Virgin Gorda,” the Premier said.

“This historic move to hold Thursday’s Cabinet meeting on Virgin Gorda is very significant because the Cabinet makes decisions that affect residents on the sister islands so it is very important that we also convene meetings there and on other sister islands in the future,” he added.

A government media release said on Wednesday said today’s Cabinet meeting will focus on familiarising the new Cabinet about its procedures, the roles of the Ministry of Finance, the Attorney General’s Chambers and the rule of law and the policy process.

According to the release, Cabinet is responsible for the formulation of policy, including directing the implementation of such policy as it relates to every aspect of government, except matters for which the governor has special responsibility under section 60 of the Constitution.


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  1. vip heckler says:

    What ah waste of the public funds! I thought this new government was about saving money. What is the cost of keeping the meeting here vs keeping it on virgin gorda? We would’ve thought this new VIP government would’ve hit the ground running but instead they are playing dolly house with our country

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  2. Lol says:

    Will this just be another prayer meeting. Can we keep state and religion separate now and get on with running the country.

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  3. Backward< says:

    Well Sah, I’m SMH. This is the most mixed up government in the history of the Virgin Islands.

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  4. WOW says:

    Once it is anything for VG the Tortola people always have it as a waste of time and money.

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    • Pathetic says:

      It was a ridiculous move. I can’t see bad and call it good. It was a waste of time, effort and money moving the governor, premier, 4 ministers, the FS, attorney general, cabinet secretary and police protection up there for a closed/private meeting that none of us can attend. Not wrong with being unconventional but it must make sense.

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  5. Watching says:

    I like that Fahie is trying to be inclusive. Sister islands deserve some attention.

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    • Waste says:

      Cabinet is a closed meeting. What’s the sense of holding the meeting in VG? How will that benefit anyone? Is not like the public can attend. Tricks tricks tricks

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    • Blind they Blind says:

      “I like that Fahie is trying to be inclusive. Sister islands deserve some attention”?????

      Are you kidding me?
      The VIP had 30years in VG with two minsters and were being taken advantage of. NDP went in and build many great things they have in the last 8-10 years for the people in VG.
      Do your bias self-need me to name a few to refresh your blind eyes those who were watching and still could not see?
      Look at The Basketball court, the new hospital, many new roads with street lights, the N/S welcome center, Major repairs to the dock and schools, and the list goes on. To state nothing was done under the NDP in VG is a sin and shameful remark.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    To the “Heckler” “lol” and “backwards” above: do you think our friends in VG regard inclusion as a game or ‘dolly house’ gesture? Or won’t you have been happy that they didn’t simply take us for granted by getting our votes and absconding…

    Where are the dimensions of religion & state present regarding this meeting? Apparently this is a concept you’ve heard mentioned somewhere the application of which clearly exceeds your understanding.

    ‘Backwards.’ Comparing, or attempting to compare a two/three week government with the entire history of goveenment in the country is a clear violation of time and space. Moreover, all three comments should be an indication to those responsible for education in the territory of the enormous challenge that awaits them.
    All the best..

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  7. BA says:


  8. Smh says:

    Perception can be a dangerous thing. Cabinet being held in Virgin Gorda doesn’t do anything for Virgin Gorda. Does it hamper the decisions that will be made in the cabinet proceedings because they took a ferry over to VG. The premier is playing on the intelligence of our sister island residents and they can’t even see it. All this did was wasted unnecessary money.

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