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Walwyn calls for ‘comprehensive plan’ for schools’ reopening


As some students head back to school for face-to-face learning, at least one BVI resident is calling for government to do more to assure parents, students, and teachers of their safety.

Former Education Minister Myron Walwyn is calling on the government to release what he calls a more “comprehensive plan” for the reopening of schools in the territory.

In a recent Facebook post, Walwyn said the plan should outline procedures that must be followed if a student or teacher contracts COVID-19. And he said all institutions, whether public or private, must be expected to follow this plan.

“I am very pleased to see that a decision has been taken to start face to face instructions in the classroom. There, however, needs to be one comprehensive plan developed spanning pre-opening procedures, in-school procedures, procedures if a student or teacher contracts COVID, etcetera. And it should be followed across the board by all institutions whether public or private,” Walwyn’s post said.

Walwyn said the plan should also be made a public document so parents and all stakeholders can be confident that students and teachers are safe.

“It also provides a measuring stick for compliance by the various institutions,” Walwyn’s post said.

The government approved face-to-face learning for some students in the BVI on September 18, in the latest Public Health COVID-19 Control & Suppression Order.

The order states that selected schools are approved for reopening once they’ve been inspected by the Social Distance Monitoring Task Force and approved by the Ministry of Education.

The order also outlines several procedures that schools must follow to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In a live broadcast to the territory on September 18, Education Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley said schools will not be allowed to reopen if they don’t adhere to the measures outlined in the Public Health COVID-19 Control & Suppression Order.

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  1. My choice says:

    Play as much politics as you want, I miss this man from being in government. I know education would have been handled much better than it is now and a lot of people who need help would have been getting help. Myron looked out for everybody.

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    • Just Curious says:

      So why was he voted out in the first place if you believe he helped “everybody”? I suggest you speak for yourself because when I needed help to finish my bachelors degree he flatly turn me down but karma is a b**ch.

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    • Yawn says:

      You mean handled well by having students in tents and making no attempt to rebuild the High School. Some woman had put him on blast on FB after she was looking help and was denied or something so not everybody was helped. He was a decent minister but y’all need to stop glorifying the man like he was perfect or would be our savior today when he had 8 years in office and couldn’t save himself, NDP or us from losing millions in terrible deals.

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      • Here we go again says:

        Thank you; Yawn! You have said it. Glorifying him like he is Jesus. For goodness sake they all need to take a seat and sit the h**l down.

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    • Selective says:

      He looked out for everyone but his teachers.

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  2. correct says:

    Myron is 100% right. There must be a plan from the ministry that is informed by the health experts. A document that all schools must follow.

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  3. Mr. Walwyn says:

    I would be one of the first to say, I am a sometime critic but I have to say this is a very good plan that you came up with. The Board of Education should have came up with this Months ago. If I had school age kids, I would be a nervous wreak sending my kids back to school. All you can do is hope for the best.

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  4. To Naieve I Guess says:

    One of the greatest detriments to us achieving our fullest potential as a people and a territory, with our mirade of abundant intellectual and other god given gifts are mental, intellectual, political, psychological and slave division.

    It is and has been rampant throughout this society for decades if not centuries. It is seen even in my department where a bright, experienced and knowledgable mind so callously rellegated to the side lines in favor of all around inferior talent and abilities.

    Imagine if all of those bright and capable minds, irrespective of political or party affliations were to work together, to share ideas; to craft solutions in bringing the schooling and education crisis to an workable solution, what a powerful, productive magnificent piece of product would materialize.

    Where there are brilliant minds willing, why not tap into those readily available resources in benefit of country? Not to do so is foolish.

    There is no reason why the best thinkers of this country cannot gather in a think tank situation, discuss an issue and produce fantastic solutions that are needed in a time of crisis, that can coalesce with those of the governing party, without any political nonesense, in the interest of the country.

    We have to begin doing better. We are holding ourselves back. At some point we have to become adults in mind and actions and do in the best interest of country, children and their future, and leave the political CHINANNIGANS for the politically immature.

    I know that is not how politics work, but maybe that is how it should start working. To Naieve i guess.

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  5. FMP says:

    This man still thinks he is in control of Education. Boss go siddung. You are no longer relevant

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  6. Proxy says:

    It was the ministry of education that should come up with a plan. What have they been doing for all these months?

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  7. Old says:

    If Myron were looking out for every body. Y not on the ndp side.

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  8. NDP says:

    VIP gotta go!

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  9. right is right says:

    He is right. There is no plan no nothing. Just flip flopping all over the place

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  10. Parent says:

    I am concerned as a parent that one week the government say online learning and the next week they change their minds and are yet to produce a plan for re-opening. Every country have a plan and we don’t have one.

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    • local says:

      This government trying so hard to protect the citizens and some people wants the government to run the country Trump style open every thing and what happen happen and when it hits your house its government fault ,until the persons living in the bvi act responsible we will always having to pull up the hand brakes . Which country have plan for this none big america fail , right now Europe ,Spain ,India and list goes on having a second wave worst than the first with infection we havent seen our first as yet.If you want your child to attend face to face school fine but let the parents that want the online do online.

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  11. Sigh says:

    I’m sorry but as a parent I am very concern with my child going back to school. They should’ve just let the children finish the rest of the year online and then let them go in face to face next year because they don’t seem to have a plan.

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  12. Pure thoughts says:

    Hon. Walwyn your voice is an important one. Keep on giving your views on the issues facing the country. The government has been listening and they are doing many of things that you have suggested. They play smart when implementing them because they don’t want to look like they’re listening but those of us who pay close attention to things can see it.

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  13. AGREE says:

    People of these beautiful Virgin Islands. Wake up. Myron is correct. VIP does not have a plan for nothing that they are doing. They are very fancy when it comes to spending OUR money. Everything is a show (launches, pictures, etc). VIP need to start doing some real work. What is the comprehensive plan for students returning to school, plan should a teacher or student catches Covid?

    We may have something against Myron but he is way better than those politicians. At least he is addressing issues. Not like Ronnie and others. Especially for S****a who only knows how to speak and smile every 4 years.

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  14. In Their pockets.. says:

    I too will like to see the plan. Seems like only the Govt knows their own plan. Not the people, For Education for Borders, on and on…in their pockets

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  15. In Their pockets.. says:

    I too will like to see the plan. Seems like only the Govt knows their own plan. Not the people, For Education for Borders, on and on…in their pockets…Myron aint better. How can a man get the mist vote in one election and out of power the next election.. Thats true, Same as the no plan VIP.

  16. Prayer says:

    I pray to god that never bring ndp back … Npd color is red that means danger. VIP is green that means safety god bless Andrew Fahie please my bvi ppl lets leave ndp is the past please.

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  17. They backwards says:

    I just looked on the internet and found plans from several countries. The ministry of education should develop a plan based on advice from environmental health and they should all follow it. That to me is the most sensible approach. It seems from Hon. Wheatley that the schools are on their own to meet the standards for opening. He said environmental health and the ministry must give approval. The ministry is responsible for making sure that schools are ready not just for opening but day to day operations during covid hence the need for one comprehensive plan according to Myron. The government is doing things backwards.

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  18. Oh please says:

    Myron didn’t have a plan after Irma now talking piddle.

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    • oh yes! says:

      There was a well developed plan actually. I was there and saw it in action. How do you think students were able to get back into education one month after Irma? You all need to stop lying for the sake of politics. It is sickening.

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  19. Rick says:

    Be careful people Myron trying to ease his way back in and would say or do anything . If he was in and making the decisions you all would be upset just like how it was after the hurricanes in 2017 so people stop acting like you all forget

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    • @Rick says:

      I don’t want him ease back in, I want him to break down the damn door. Myron is way better than these dead beats we put in. I shame of them!

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  20. Fresh air says:

    Well taken suggestion Myron. This really is something that should have been months ago to manage the school process during the existence of the whole pandemic. Parents and others should be available to view the plan so that they can help the school to uphold them. The government continues to pull things randomly out of the air and implement them.

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  21. Pat says:

    Myron was good for the BVI. He did more 8 years than many who was there for longer than him and if you are fair you would see it. Things happen for a reason in life. Just keep being you. You’re one person that I wish was still there to help guide us through this mess and many persons have said this in my hearing. Good suggestions coming forward all the time and don’t be dissuaded by the naysayers. It’s love for politics than love for country.

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  22. local says:

    Myron is speaking pure truth…facts. And yes indeed he was and is the right man for education. he just wasn’t fit to be our premier.

  23. Pancake says:

    The best thing to do is continue online school for the rest of the year, why the had to open private school first the could have start with public school

  24. down2earth says:

    Did Mr Walwyn have a plan when he was Minister for education? He did not! Every week there was some kind of chaos. He was changing things on a whim without any thought to the negative impact these would have on children. The education system is still struggling from his uninformed actions.
    I’m tired of politicians with their pompousness, making messes. They need to learn to defer to those who have the technical knowledge and know-how!

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