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Walwyn concerned about order to close all schools since latest COVID case in isolation

Former Education Minister Myron Walwyn has raised concerns behind government’s August 1 order to close all schools now that a ninth COVID-19 case has been recorded in the territory.

Addressing the issue in a social media post on Tuesday, August 4, the former legislator said his comments are not to be viewed as a criticism of the sitting government.

“I am concerned! I had a mouthful to say so this is a long post! This is in no way a criticism of the work being done by the government, and I wish for it not to be viewed in that light. I just think that more thought should be given to this and other policy positions being taken,” Walwyn wrote.

While accepting that managing COVID-19 is not easy for any country, Walwyn said he believes what might be good for one country may not be useful across the board.

“We heard of one new case of COVID-19 which, from the information provided, the situation is contained and the necessary precautions are in place to keep it that way. It begs the question as to why is it necessary to keep schools in the BVI closed until October 31,” he said.

“While online learning will provide some assistance, it is woefully inadequate for the current needs of most of our students from K-12. A blended approach of traditional instructions supplemented by the online contact will better serve our students,” the former Education Minister stated.

Implement a shift system

Walwyn then suggested that a shift system to be implemented; similar to what was done following the September 2017 hurricanes.

He said that system would provide students with the support they need while social distancing protocols and other rules are followed.

“We must, of course, provide extensive training to the education ministry personnel to ensure proper supervision of the schools to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among the students and the faculty. It can be done,” he argued.

As it relates to online schooling, he said there were some concerns that he had and wished to vent.

“Students most often do not give full attention, if any, to the online lessons. They are very often distracted by other things that they find more entertaining. A significant portion of the work given to students is done by parents and other family members and not by the students. This doesn’t happen in every household, but it happens in many,” Walwyn reasoned.

He continued: “Special needs students and students with other learning difficulties will be at a severe disadvantage. These students need to be reached by teachers who are trained to handle their individual circumstances. This service most likely is not available at home. “

He also pointed to the unreliable internet service and accessibility of computer devices as some of the problems still plaguing the online learning system.

The former legislator further said he believes private educational institutions should be allowed to operate. 

“They should, of course, follow the protocols and should be monitored in the same manner as the public institutions. The private schools usually have smaller numbers and can better manage the social distancing protocols than the public schools which have larger numbers,” he stated.

The Order

The Public Health (COVID-19 Control and Suppression Measures) Order that took effect at the start of the month said: “All schools shall be closed and all school-related extra-curricular activities shall be discontinued.”

Health Minister Carvin Malone explained that this order was made under the Public Health Act for the purpose of protecting public health and for the prevention, control and suppression of the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.

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  1. The Truth says:

    This site is determined to keep this man’s name relevant. What other former legislator’s thoughts do you cover?

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    • Roxane says:

      Yes and we want him back.

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    • @Truth says:

      Do any of the other former legislators even have anything to say? When you hear from one of them please let me know. This is one of the reasons I respect Myron; in office or not, he is concerned about the issues. If he wasn’t saying anything that would have been a problem too. There just is no pleasing you people.

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      • How sweet says:

        He more like the premier just not in office well loved have common sense people person have a big heart and we love you mv ,he would have never ever have any one in the bvi feeling unwanted like the trump crew.

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    • shut your stupid a** says:

      And v*** is determined to do what? because as far as i am concerned V*** lives on his face book page and everything he post he makes a story of it whether it be personal politics or business…which one baffles you more?? ya’ll will be forever talking about Mr. Walywn its obvious he is a big threat!!!

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    • Blak Alucard says:

      Say what you want but his recommendations will be stolen and used. This a good thing.

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  2. Hmmmm says:

    Isn’t this the same man who had our children under tents 2yrs after Irma and refused to fix the ESHS building. He better go sid down!

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    • Don’t be silly says:

      Either you are a liar or just silly. This man spearhead the fixing of almost all the schools. Are you telling me that ViP got in power and start to fix that school in two months without any planning etc? You can’t be that silly. The work on that school was extensive and lot was being done by to get it ready. Stop making people turn you idiot boss

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    • Care says:

      So you fool you blame him for the hurricane at least they were in school not lock up home.
      Hatred gone sure kill your joy .

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  3. well well says:


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  4. Resident says:

    You all behaving like he did nothing right in education. Leave the man alone. He is a citizen and tax payer so he can talk. Who here has never done anything wrong?
    I totally agree with him. Put a shift system in place. Teachers have been suggesting that too. Only who feels it knows it. This online teaching is not the most effective. It can work with the shift system. Bars, night and other clubs in fill effect but you all want to keep schools closed. It has to make sense people, it has to make sense.
    Ask many teachers, parents and students what they prefer. They will say open the schools. Do what needs to be done but open the schools. Covid is not going anywhere soon so we have to adjust smartly and quickly.
    Hire those who are talking about school online to teach. Give them a week and see how they cope. Only who feels it knows it.

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  5. Yup. says:

    Mr. Walwyn is correct.
    Like him or not, this government’s knee jerk reactions make no sense at all in regards to schools.

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  6. That’s him says:

    The best man for education right here.

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  7. Diarist says:

    The suggestion is a good one and it should be followed. I don’t have time for the petty politics that I see taking place in the BVI. My children need a proper education and that’s all I care about right now. All the talk about Vip and NDP I am not interested in. But if I was interested, I would say without reservation that Myron was an excellent education minister.

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  8. Go hide boss says:

    If I was under investigation I will be hiding hoping the police does not knock on my door …

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    • nonsense says:

      Is Myron under investigation? What could be taking an investigation soo long though? Its been over two years now. These things really take that long?

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    • just a question says:

      Well how come the one who the FBI was investigating still up and down talking?

  9. GTFOH says:

    Myron have some good points but if we cant get grown hardback adults to follow the recommendations provided by every health organization in the World like wearing mask when in groups and social distancing why would we reasonably expect children to comply.

    We dont know the accurate status of Covid19 in the BVI. We dont test enough to get a good estimate. Isn’t it strange that as soon as people leave then all of a sudden their home country say that they are positive and the same ones were here free to roam for months.

    Love them or hate them we can all agree that besides testing everybody in the BVI the government have done just about everything to prevent the spread of COVID from 24/7 lockdowns, closing of ports etc, but now it is time to try the “people’s way” Remove the curfew, allow schools and everywhere to open. Leave everything to the great God of the universe. Give people what they want. If it works good, if it dont then you can shut the place down all over again, people can bury the dead, pay their hospital bills and we will know if the government’s approach was justified and shut some people up as well.

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    • @GTFOH says:

      oh please, i agree with the premier when he said he dont want to retard the progress made. I beg you relax and let the Gov. lead. So far, they are doing a hell of a job protecting, leave them.

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  10. good going says:

    I always appreciated Myron for his hard word and practical approach to problems. To me he was the best minister in the last government and one of the best and most helpful politicians we ever had. I would really like to see him back in the government.

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  11. Missed says:

    Thats why I Love this man…well educated ….we want him back…having the kids at home have also become a problem for some parents because there is no one to care for their kids while they are at work..and some managers dont want to here that..but if they are in school then the parents can rest assure that they can work to their pleasure.

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    • local says:

      Dear parent if you had teach you kids how to behave they would have been able and capable to stay at home without supervision .Myron speak as if the BVI is immune from this virus the government is taking the right approach as they open up the boarders ,take a look at next door in five days 73 new cases ,lets assume this was the BVI out that figure how many cases could be children , maybe you and myron blind but if adults cant follow protocols you really think the students going to children do what they see majority of the time.We must thank God that at present the cases are caught by the government because this week alone would have cause resident living on Tortola with hundreds of cases after these holidays. Who want to send their kids can and does that want the online leave their kids at home.

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  12. Thanks says:

    I thank the people of the Virgin Islands for taking this o————-t out of politics.

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  13. Truth says:

    Myron needs to go help Trump build the wall and leave the BVI alone.

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    • How sweet says:

      He more like the premier just not in office well loved have common sense people person have a big heart and we love you mv ,he would have never ever have any one in the bvi feeling unwanted like the trump crew.

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  14. Teacher says:

    This one is tricky – just getting students to keep on their masks and socially distant could prove to be a nightmare.
    Some of the schools ate also not ready when it comes on to hygiene, spacing and ventilation.

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  15. :) says:

    It’s very easy to be a politician when you are on the outside looking in. There is no pressure in offering your opinion as there is nothing to lose or gain. Dr. Smith who was the Premier for 3 terms only noticed the loud annoying sounds of scooters, something that has been plaguing the BVI for years after he resigned. Likewise Mark had so much passion trying to get back into the HOA after he resigned from lawsuits, to public rants on megaphones now the fire isn’t burning as brightly. We need to show these politicians from time to time who’s boss. Dont let them get too comfortable or else they will this overstay their welcome. Since they seem to be able to function better outside of the HOA we need to start voting out people to jump start their engines.

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  16. Warrell says:

    Awesome idea, Hon. Walwyn. I know you still have education at heart.

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  17. The truth to all of us says:

    Speak good till he get in……hmmm

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  18. Lol says:

    You all can talk all the island Man stupid talk you all want but Myron is right on this, those children need to go back to school.
    The bvi government is handling this epidemic like a bunch of cowards and follow fashion monkeys everything they see a big country do they want to do but they didnt give a single person any help is these hard times .

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  19. Wow says:

    Myron is like a magnet dude. Any topic with him is one of interest.

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  20. Moses says:

    All it is M–n feel he can take out somebody. He after a weak link. He done know politics talk talks. He trying to talk himself back in. He also know the people behave like them suffer from dementia. Them done forget everything . Even how disrespectful — was to other elected members. His worst nightmare is his own party. Some d—c forces in there glad you out. He after the wrong people AGAIN!!! You were warned!!!!

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  21. Realistic says:

    In any event,if a child in school has Covid 19, Then, all fingers will be pointing at the present government for reopening schools!
    Even some adults find it difficult adapting to social distancing and the wearing a face mask. Do you think that all students will adhere to such protocols? More pressure will be assigned to schools to ensure that students follow Covid 19 protocols.

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  22. No sense! says:

    Myron is talking pure facts! I cannot for the life of me understand why students can’t go to school when we only have one case of corona virus. The whole place on curfew still 33,000 people must go home at 12pm each night and over 6,000 children can’t go to school because one person has the virus and actually we didn’t have any cases for a long time. This makes no sense to me.

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  23. Sadam Hussein says:

    Thanks for speaking up Mr. Walwyn. Many of us are in fear under this dictatorship. We need help.

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  24. Somebody missing says:

    We know if you were there we would have already had this sort out. If it’s one thing, you got things done.

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  25. Leadership matters says:

    This example shows me the difference in leadership ability between the former and the present minister for education. School was back in session one month after Irma while the schools were being build over and repaired. Now no schools damaged. We only had a few contained cases and students have been out of school for months and now they cannot go back until November 1. This is totally ridiculous and shows a lack of creative thinking and leadership ability to be frank. We have two campuses at ESHS where social distancing could occur. Walwyn built up a school in Clarence Thomas building and students were able to attend.

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  26. Petty politics says:

    Facts! This can work but because it come from Myron they wouldn’t do it so the school children will have to stay home for the full time until November because of petty politics. This place got to change mehson

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  27. Lily Ann says:

    We would not have been in this lockup crap if Myron was in Power.

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  28. BVI Citizen says:

    Please leave Myron alone, he is speaking facts. If it was The premier saying what Myron said, what would the negative people be saying? Myron you are 100% correct. Case Closed.

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  29. Betty says:

    Most of us would be dead by now if Myron was in Government. Even before Coved many teachers and students were experiencing respiratory problems at the CTL Building. You all stop talking crap, who feels it knows it.

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