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We don’t want BVI to be a burden to UK! Britain invites negotiations

“I really and truly received a letter saying who we must contact in the UK to start this negotiation with a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) and different things for marijuana” — Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has bemoaned Governor Augustus Jaspert’s lack of assent to the Cannabis Licensing Act, saying the law would enable the BVI to stimulate its economy and prevent the territory from being a burden to UK taxpayers.

“I don’t want the Virgin Islands to be a burden to UK taxpayers, it’s not fair to the taxpayers. So when we come up with legislation that are innovative like the Cannabis [Licensing Bill] — we could already have hundreds of young people working now. We had a three-month plan of how we were going to work it. But more than seven months, we are here fighting for it to be assented to,” Fahie said during the Budget Debates on December 14.

Premier Fahie said he doesn’t understand why Governor Jaspert is holding back the BVI’s economy when the Cannabis legislation complies with international laws and regulations.

” Whether you agree with the industry or not — it isn’t being given a chance … So what is it? Why hold our economy back? I don’t want the people of the UK to know that we have to lean on them for loans or loan guarantees. I don’t want them to know that if we don’t pick up our end of the bargain that they as taxpayers have to be saddled with it. I don’t want that for my country,” Premier Fahie said.

Why should BVI contact Foreign Office?

“I really and truly received a letter saying who we must contact in the UK to start this negotiation with a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) and different things for marijuana [Cannabis Bill]. But I found that strange because I didn’t call anybody to come get involved. So if they are involved, they should send to us a letter saying what concerns they have so we can respond to that. I don’t know what we are going to write and tell them … ’cause I don’t know what their concerns are,” Fahie argued.

After much public speculation, Governor Jaspert last week gave an update on the Cannabis Licensing Bill which his office has been reviewing for months now.

He said the bill has been passed to UK officials, adding that the BVI must work with UK officials to establish the legislation because it is now out of his (the Governor’s) control.

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  1. Here we go...... says:

    What a m*****e making this guy Premier!

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    • Lmao says:

      The Foy takes all to be idiots and he is the smart one? Lmfao. He’s trying to use reverse phycology … He has certainly made the BVI the laughing stock of the OT’s… The people of the Territory should be proud that they voted this b*****n into office. He has 2 more years. I’m sure he’ll p**s off the new Governor as soon as he arrives. Foy is in for a big surprise with the new guy. He’ll be crying for the return of Jaspert.

    • BVI News says:

      BVINews how about some real investigative reporting and write an article about the success or failure of the Territory’s reopening for tourism. How about how many real tourists have come to vacation. Not returning Belongers, residents or Villa and Yacht owners. Real tourists. It’s been 2 weeks since the opening. I’m sure the people would like to know of the success or failure of the Foy plan. Then perhaps the people can decide if his plan for Cannabis is viable. Tourism reopening was much easier than starting a new industry when the competition is already fierce. Thank you.

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    • Pandora's Box says:

      Great in the opposition, l***y as our leader!

    • Please says:

      You all didn’t make him Priemer we did… many of you on here writing negativity against our Priemer can’t even vote. A bunch of raggedy minded white coats with a few money hungry NDP supporters. These news sites are the only venting forum you all have. So blog on!

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  2. Plan? says:

    My Fahie, is your 3 month plan of how you were going to get hundreds of young people working as good as your ongoing plan to attract tourists and reopen the borders?

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    • Hmmm says:

      Foy do you realize that you blame everyone for all of your failures. You have never once stood up and said “I was wrong” or “I made a mistake” or just plain apologize. It takes a big man to acknowledge he was wrong. You’re a big man but with a rather small mind. It’s unfortunate that you ended up having to govern the Territory through these troubling times. The people of the Territory deserve more but they ended with less.

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  3. Reply says:

    It appears there is a lack of communication between the Premier’s Office and the Governor’s.

    The Governor made a statement last week where he stated:

    “For the Cannabis Licensing Bill, Governor Jaspert said the BVI must work with UK officials to establish into law, a Cannabis Authority that will monitor the local industry.”

    Seems to me the governor is clear on what needs to be done for this proposed law to become law.

    If the pathway the governor has outlined is what needs to be done as a precursory step to get the law accented, I don’t understand why the Premier is getting all up in arms about it and “found that strange because I (he) didn’t call (get called) anybody to come get involved.”

    Mr. Premier, you did not have to call anyone to get involved as you bemoan because the U.K. appointed governor has already done so, and is telling you what needs to be done to get the law moving.

    Rather than getting entrenched in your position in a territorial way, why not follow what needs to done to get the law approved since as per you “I(he) don’t (doesn’t) want the Virgin Islands to be a burden to UK taxpayers, it’s not fair to the taxpayers.”

    IMO the Premier picks unnecessary fights that are defeating his goals. Everything does not have to be a fight. The Premier has a role to play in the governance of the BVI, so is the governor. The system is set up for them to work together, and they should.

    Now, if the Premier truly believes that “we could already have hundreds of young people working now” and those envisioned jobs in the marijuana industry would somehow unburden the UK taxpayers, that’s imo a sad commentary.

    If our independence from any financial assistance from the U.K. will be dependent on growing and selling dope, then I must we are on the wrong path as country if our future comes down to this.

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  4. Man pleaseeeeee says:


  5. Rubber Duck says:

    Has anyone really looked at the potential for a medical marijuana business.? It seems to me from some brief research that the market is oversupplied already. Even the non medical business is it seems over supplied.
    I am not against weed, in fact I would legalize marijuana for anyone who wanted to use it here. I suspect home demand for the local product would be bigger than anything we can sell on the medical market.
    I am not a user myself.

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  6. MK says:

    Premier Andrew Fahie has to be the w***e thing to happen to the BVI. He always wants a fight because he is a b***y.

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  7. CART AND HORSE says:

    All this drama should have been sorted at the beginning of the process.

  8. 2023 says:

    2023.. come quick we dont need a Premier who voted in by a single district.. couple hundred people it is real time the constitution change and the entire Country votes for a Premier.. This is not making sense..

    UK Please note that our election system does not allow the entire country to vote for our leader.. just one town decides that…


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    • H N says:

      When you go tattle remember to say how every member was allowed to be deputy premier on rotation. If you rely on the news for your chosen snippets you will forever see all the bad never the good going especially in the legislature.

    • Future says:

      That is not actually true but to each his own.

  9. Dave henry says:

    He use to be a big **** man in tortola.

  10. 1st district says:

    For as long as you are in that position and when you leave, WE WILL need the gracious financial contributions of your royal highness. And I personally bow down and thank her! YOU TO UNGRATEFUL AND DECEITFUL!

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  11. Hazel E Roberts says:

    I can understand fahie as a young man feeling like a puppet under the subjection of colonialsm
    Your thing of electing people to office is just an excercise to ease frustration so people feel free. Your behavior must be in the confines of the british because its not the people running the BVI but England.

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