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We need to learn from botched BVI Airways deal, says Governor

Governor Augustus Jaspert said the British Virgin Islands should learn from the controversial BVI Airways deal that occurred between the airline and the previous National Democratic Party (NDP) government.

The deal saw the NDP administration dumping $7.2 million into the airline to facilitate direct flights between the BVI and Miami, USA back in 2016.

Addressing members of the media on Tuesday, Governor Jaspert said: “On the subject of governance, you’ll all be aware of the recent BVI Airways report. I won’t discuss the details as the project is now the subject of a police investigation. However, we do need to ensure we learn lessons from it and from other similar reports.”

“I believe this and previous reports show that there are fundamental deficiencies in our systems. It’s true that we have rules and processes in place to protect against this kind of thing, but this report and others before tell us that they aren’t working as they should. We need to learn the lessons and introduce change in our systems,” he added.

The governor further said he would like this to become a priority for the local government going forward so the BVI has “the highest standards of governance that prevent it from happening again.”

Criminal investigation

A criminal investigation has been launched into the failed deal.

Despite receiving the millions in funding to commence the direct flights, BVI Airways missed all its promised dates to start these flights.

Things took a turn for the worse when the airline laid off its staff, stating that it needed more funds to fly. Following that, two of the airline’s aircraft were later reported missing and were reportedly found operating in other jurisdictions.


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  1. Ning says:

    Dude! I believe either you or your predecessor sat in the Cabinet meetings while they decided all this! On top of that bull$h!t, one, or both of the last two Governors was involved in all the talks on the Pier Park. I am certain it was not done in a vacuum! You can’t think for one second that we BVIslandsers believe that the corruption is only here in teh BVI? I’m certain it goes far further up the chain that are local politicians! If not, the UK would be squealing a lot louder. Yet, you all seem pretty ambivalent, and more than happy to name our hospital after the architect of the political party that pi$$ed away our money! You are all in the same ‘band’ sucking the life out of us hard working people’s tax dollars! You all pi$$ me off!

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    • Neil says:

      Follow the money. The governer dont get none of the payola. Where the payola go? Who got the payola? I wants my $7.2 back.

  2. YOUTH says:

    This Governor think we are stupid. He just as much to blame for what went wrong with that plane deal.

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  3. LOL says:

    Why this governor didn’t hold press conferences when the NDP was in power to name all the wrong doings? Why? Because it was not in his best interest.

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  4. Disinterested says:

    Didn’t AJU Jaspert last week launch a scorched earth attack against the HOA for allegedly discussing the BVI Airways debacle that is currently under investigation by the RVIPF? Is it not hypocrisy for him to now discuss it with the media? The simple response to the press should have been the issue is being investigated. But the guv is a media w……e and is addicted to press coverage.

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  5. @Ning says:

    Thought dem seh dead man kahh++ talk. Buh he sure come back an talking truth.

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  6. Windy says:

    Rules ? I bahn here. Nah rules foe me mon.

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  7. Hmm says:

    It’s not the system to blame its man’s greed that is why there are laws and penalties for when man’s greed get out of hand. Crime is crime so what you telling me if a man has money on his car seat he is to blame if someone steals eat.

    This is going to be a crucial time we are waiting about the wall and what is in the pair park file and where is Port Authority money. These files are been sit on. How long can it take to decide on these files?

  8. Demonic Cat says:

    Makes a change from you all blaming me……

  9. Next Time says:

    Learn to get away it without being caught

  10. @ning says:

    seem like u saying Duncan gone with his share

  11. concerned citizen says:

    Please ask your UK citizens who have shares in BVI Airways to bring back our money.

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