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Well in excess of $8K for gov’t quarantine if expats allowed entry

While things have worked out cheaper for BVI nationals whose expenses are covered with taxpayer dollars, quarantining in a government-designated facility as a non-national could attract a basic estimated price that is in upwards of $8,000 in some cases.

This figure is based off a breakdown of quarantine costs given to BVI News by the Ministry of Health.

Responding to questions from our news centre recently, Permanent Secretary in that ministry, Petrona Davies said for accommodation, “room/suite costs range from $100 to $200 per night”.

“Meal plans start at $50 per adult per day. The hotels provide meals based on occupancy,” she stated.

According to BVI News’ calculation, the average cost to stay in a government quarantine facility, therefore, ranges between $2,100 to $3,500 per person, excluding the mandatory security fees.

Security fees

As it relates to that security expense, Davies said the cost is calculated at $18 per hour for 24 hours. The cost for security for the required 14-day period, therefore, amounts to $6,048.

Davies, however, said: “The number of security personnel for government-designated accommodations varies depending on the size and layout of the property and level of occupancy at any given time.”

To put that into perspective, persons attached to properties that cost $200 per night would end up spending at least $9,548 for accommodation, food, and security combined. That overall price may be reduced depending on how security costs are shared between the number of occupants at that property.

The only returning BVI nationals who would be required to pay are those who opt to quarantine at home. Davies said the bulk of their expenses stem from the private security costs, which would be the previously-mentioned $6,048 for two weeks.

Government to pay over $2 million

Back in June, Health Minister Carvin Malone announced that the government identified 250 rooms across 12 properties to use as state quarantine facilities.

He said if the properties are contracted up to September 14, it would cost the government a total of $2,357,000.

It was during that time the minister said government will only fund the mandatory state quarantine expenses for nationals, Belongers, and BVIslanders; not expatriate residents with no status.

Just recently, government indefinitely banned re-entry to all work permit holders as well as those who have work permit exemption. In a statement on Sunday, Premier and Minister of Finance Andrew Fahie said one of the reasons for ban is because most are unwilling to pay the cost to quarantine.

“No one wants to bear these costs. In fact, they are saying that the BVI taxpayers must bear these costs. Do you think BVIslanders should bear all of these costs?” Premier Fahie questioned at the time.

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  1. SMH says:

    Let them stay where they are! No! We should not take on the expenses of accommodating others when We have Citizens right here in the Territory in dire need of assistance. Why bring in others to assist them when Our Own is here suffering?

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    • @SMH says:

      So it’s fair for locals who don’t even live and pay taxes here to be allowed in but persons on permit who are taxpayers should be left out? You all must be f***ing crazy or something!

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      • @ @SMH says:

        Yes, yes that is exactly what it means. If you don’t like it stay home or find another country that would kiss your feet. The BVI puts BVI Landers first, you don’t like that, well go find your home country or a country that would kiss yah feet. That’s the end of the story there. Sorry not sorry

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      • ReX FeRaL says:

        People on work permits and who are exempt from same are not settled persons.

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    • Bull t**ds says:

      There is no way it’s $8k. One guard per shift is all that is needed for an entire hotel. 3 guards per 24 hours. Stop running the numbers like each person quarantined has a personal guard. You people are so hateful and racist. This quarantine bull s**t is just an excuse to keep expats out. The US should do the same and revoke citizenship to all those that spawned in PR and USVI.

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    • Dear Mr. Premier says:

      I am by no means one of your supporters and I would never be one but I have to give you credit in this regards. Your administration has made a decision in the interest of national security yet you are been criticised by those who thinks a work permit and longevity in the BVI gives them a sense of entitlement to be here. Absolute nonsense.

      The decision this administration has taken is inline with the approach that other countries have taken. For crying out loud respect the Premier’s decision for the only individuals entitled to be here are the citizens of this country.

      Do mind the noise, please keep the policy in place.


      A Non VIP Support

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      • @ Dear Premier says:

        So we have college students and Belongers that are not working or paying taxes, coming back and quarantining on BVI TAX PAYER DIME but expat work permit persons that have lived and worked in the BVI for years and PAYING TAXES are not allowed in? I thought Irma was enough for us to change our ways but apparently we need another reminder of how quickly things can change.

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        • @ says:

          The College students are our country’s future and we have a vested interest in them, so keep them out of your weak argument.

          Additionally, if you decided to pack your bags and take up resident in another man’s country you should have known that the tax taken from your salary is to aid in development of the BVI and by extension the its citizen.

          So try go and have a seat. WE SUPPORT THE POLICY 100%.

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    • Hmmm says:

      @ smh

      So we must foot the Bill’s for locals who have never really lived in the BVI and want to return home, never rented an apartment or ever paid tax, yes it’s our expat money cause we are paying taxes too..heartlessness

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    • AKD says:

      Great, then why allow foreign Doctors and medical staffs? So you would allow people whom you need and people who have been paying taxes and SS should stay away from their families and businesses in BVI. This pandemic is not going to end anytime sooner and people around the world are coping up to coexist safely along with this situation. A Good administration is the one which takes care of all the people irrespective of their citizenship status. Being away from family, kids and friends for past 5 months, if you people cannot understand this emotion and pain I
      wouldn’t blame you guys at all.

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  2. Wow says:

    That is really a lot of money for an expat to pay especially in this crises, gosh the oetsons doing this does not have heart fir the poor.

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  3. VG baby says:

    Time to ditch this style of news lead. All your articles are starting to sound trite and mundane. Writing should be fluid.

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  4. But... says:

    If there are persons overseas on active work permits who have been working in the BVI for multiple years, thereby paying taxes, they are BVI Taxpayers and should be treated the same as locals from the standpoint of spending monies. How can it be that everyone is paying taxes but only locals can benefit from said taxes? That is not right at all.

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    • winner says:

      ding ding ding we have a winner, the UK did not pay furloughed staff in the BVI due to the fact we pay no tax in the UK.

      All valid work permit holders pay tax and none of the students and BVIslanders arriving back home for the first time in years do not,not one cent.

      This is inequality

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    • Me says:

      I was thinking the EXACT same thing. As a matter of fact, expatriates spend more money and pay more taxes in the BVI.

      Bvislanders should and must get preference in their country, no doubt. But some of these policies are racist, xenophobic and downright wicked. I am certainly not surprised by this. If my memory serves me correctly, the VIP launched an entire election campaign bashing foreigners and appealing to the xenophobia in these small islands.

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      • well says:

        if you don’t like it you know what to do.

        A work permit is not a status. When the grass is greener somewhere else you can always move on and the best place for that is your home country.

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  5. Love for my country says:

    Let us be fair. Nationals, persons born here who do not live here and who came into the Territory had to pay no fees. These are not persons who would be contributing to the economy. Yet the persons who live here and contribute to the economy, work permit holders and persons with exemption status must pay such a heavy fee. It is not fair nor right. It speaks of a form of racism that will destroy this country.

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  6. See says:

    A bunch of lying bas–rds !!!!! Most hotels are sitting with a couple of guards for dozens of people . So stop with this security per person BS !! And the only reason your corrupt system with kickbacks had an issue is becausr two horny Belongers broke quarantine to get laid … and they were very big names … therefore no consequences

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    • idlewanderer says:

      Name the names

      did they get laid

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    • Still Waiting says:

      The thing is they are using this security thing as an excuse and they aren’t even paying the security staff.. I don’t know how that’s not news yet. People working weeks and cant see a dime.

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      • PAY THE SECURITY says:


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      • TooTrue says:

        Absolutely true. The security companies are charging $18/hour for a security guard, and supposedly paying them a minimum wage of $6/hour…. but 2 months later they still haven’t paid the employees a dime!

  7. Wow says:

    Let me go back to my house. My daughter can take care of the food. Why security, none of us had to get security in March and April. Why it’s so important now. This is bullshit SIR.

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    • Local says:

      Wow just wow wats next so he try to find a way to account for his ridiculous amount i hope he remember dat expats pay d most taxes in dis country and labour and immigration bring in ah heck of a lot of money now dat u sending home workers and preventing others and borders close no money cuming in means less collection of taxes and less work permit country will lose money so continue we will wait. For wat u cum up wit next

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    • Anonymous says:

      Lol, like the person said we need security because horny people left their homes to get laid.

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      • WLM says:

        This policy is racist. It is akin to the treatment of the Jews in Nazi Germany before the war.

        Can you imagine the uproar if the UK refused entry to all BVI Nationals? White on black racism would be the cry. Well what we have on the BVI is blatant and wicked racism. The country is finished .

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  8. paid vacation says:

    locals coming back 2 weeks paid vacation and 1 week to visit friends and family then gone back and left we holding the bag.

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  9. Correct says:

    The above comments are correct, someone on a wp who is coming in has to pay although they have also pay taxes social security etc. Yet some belongers who I have never lived here who are coming back because we are covid free and who have never contributed are allowed in free of charge? Also $50 per person per day for food, seriously what are they eating that’s an outrageous amount for food per day, certainly charge the people for food as they would do so if they would have gone home !!

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  10. Shame says:

    Highway robbery. Shame on this government. “They expect BVI taxpayers to pay it” the premier says. Work permit holders are BVI taxpayers too Sir.

    This is not a sustainable measure. The government cannot afford to continue paying those fees even for nationals. There are cheaters measures that can be put in place.

    How about looking into other quarantine options like smart phone location data trackers, electronic tracking bracelets, video surveillance installed in quarantine user homes for the quarantine period, smart watch with tracking app, which if taken off results in a fine or Imprisonment.

    At least 30 countries around the world have such measures in place already. Why are we always behind the curve.

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    • Terrorist. says:

      This is how terrorism was born. They use their power and evil hearts to kill and oppressed the poor and vulnerable. Then their kids grow with vengeance in their hearts. Yep.

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  11. Just a flu virus says:

    BVI is insane

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  12. listennnnn says:


    what crap bur tax payer payer dollar


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    • Quarantine says:

      Why when at the hotel the families of these individuals could sign a contract to assist them with three meals a day. At the hotel you only need one security officer day and night and is not only one person in quarantine. Somebody is not thinking.

  13. Unfair says:

    Those local belongers living overseas and paying their taxes in whatever country they were staying in did not had to pay taxes when the decided to returned to the BVI. I know for sure they will run out of the BVI as fast as the can if there is a vaccine for Covid19 tomorrow. Who will continue to pay taxes. EXPAT.

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  14. Expat says:

    You should ask the Government why some expat work permit holders and their families are allowed back in “undercover”? Why them and not the rest, I call that discrimination. And they are allowed to self qurantine without security!

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    • Paid says:

      I know of two and they were willing to pay significant sums (in excess of quoted above). If you are rolling in cash you can get back in

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  15. 8k says:

    That money can well buy school clothes and school supplies and pay for whatever yearly fees they have to pay for school stuff at ESHS for my children plus buy food and pay their bills.

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  16. Catfish says:

    Isn’t it cheaper to just put a GPS tracker on their ankles and have a monitoring team to make sure they stay home? You can then drop a $5000 fine if they leave their yard. This current system seems like a cash grab that the government is trying to pass off as a the only way forward.

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  17. First a l**r now a t***f says:

    Fahie first was only a l*** now he turned into a t***f as well.

    USD18 an hour for security? Per person? You know they pay them only USD6 an hour. So where does the other 12 go?

    Will not be long before we see l**** fahie in a new car.

    oh an btw, work permit holders pay more tax than your bvislanders. T***f.

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  18. To listennnn says:

    Yes, but apparently the locals don’t value them as human beings. The truth is, expats are treated like trash. When you go an Dr read the comments on the news sites, all you see is pure hate towards expats, but funny how these same expats are the ones cleaning your roads,wiping your children bottoms at daycares,cleaning your home etc.

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  19. Onward forward says:

    This is a intimidation and evil technique to silent all work permit holders so they drop the ball. Do not give up the fight. Our Heavenly Father sees and hears. Retribution coming. Vengence belong to our God.

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  20. Windy says:

    I would love it if someone who has done the “security detail” would post how much they where actually paid per hour. Who owns theses security firms ? Whats there connection to the government ?

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  21. Um says:

    3500 per room is fair. If two of you then pay extra food cost. The govt needs to pay for the overpriced security. At marias they have one per floor. So thats 12 rooms per guard.
    Make the system work and affordable.

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  22. Quarantine says:

    Why when at the hotel the families of these individuals could sign a contract to assist them with three meals a day. At the hotel you only need one security officer day and night and is not only one person in quarantine. Somebody is not thinking.

  23. W says:

    I’ve read several comments for some weeks know since the premiere has imposed his ban on workpermit holders and exemptions holders,most people are commenting saying let them stay out,and the premier said that they don’t want to pay to be quarantined. Question 1 did the Premier or anyone contacted these persons to ask them to,caused I can truly say for a fact that on one has contacted several persons that I know about this,2 are these same people that are being locked out also contribute to NHI,SS AND PAY THEIR TAXES ( SOMETIMES EVEN MORE THAT A RESIDENT,BELONGER AND CITIZENS)so what happens to then and are they not tax payers and as well and let’s be honest home many of those national that return home were living and contributing to the economy before the covid,most of them run from where there called home and paying taxes etc and came home,is it not those same people that are locked out tax dollars spent on them, also those same locked out people are still paying taxes,NHI AND SS every month and paying rent and car loans, Now can you tell me is this fair or must remember that families are being separated here husband from wife and kids, mother from their families and not to forget where we came from not so long ago it was some of the country,Islands that we had people to co.e and help restore the BVI, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Yes you have to look out for your own but you just can’t locked people out from a place their call home for 12 yrs or more the have personal belongings there. Always remember their is a God looking down and he doesn’t like UGLY.

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  24. Only the rich they want to come says:

    This Govt have the country divided into 4 parts….Rich / Poor / From here / Not from here..Now They only reaching out to the Rich…

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  25. WTF says:

    They put a security guard on each hotel room? The hotels don’t already have security? why would this be in addition? Security is in addition for private residences.

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  26. crazy says:

    This is pure madness. Let people enter and go to their homes. Enforce the quarrantine penalty if it is violated. how long will this madenss continue. Yes, a few people who entered initially mess things up, but let’s move on. Some people have their own spaces in their homes. Test them upon arrival and then test them again 5 days later. Covid going be around for lord know how much longer. We going be paying tax for security companies who pay their workers $8.00 an hour out of all they collecting. At the same time children cannot be properly educated. it has to stop somewhere. Use common sense while still applying safety measures.

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  27. SMFH says:

    Just a tip to all. The USVI have the same US dollar, higher minimum wage, lower cost of living, better healthcare, better internet, You dont have to pay 7% to send your money back home, and if your children born there they will have automatic rights as a US citizen. All the things people complain about the BVI not having are just a few miles away. Only dogs go where they feel they are not welcomed. Stop fighting the people to go in their country. Do y’all have any shame? Begging and Crying to come in another man house. Is the BVI the only place where y’all can go to work? What’s wrong with y’all? Ayo moo moo or something?

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    • @SMFH says:

      The people who want to come back in are people that have been living in the BVI already and paying their taxes including work permit fees. One thing the Government can do is before letting them back in, is to ensure that they’re status is clear, i.e. SS/NHI/IRD paid up and then let them in on that basis in a phased manner. To tell persons that are renting homes, have bank accounts ,family etc. here to just stay away from BVI is horrible. I have no problem if newly issued permits for new persons outside the Territory were put on hold, but we cannot treat residents of our Territory like this.

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    • Secret Bear says:

      Do you know hard it is for a foreigner to get a US visa? The application process can take years.

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  28. Tax payer says:

    So the government have contracted $2.5million through September but cancelled persons on work permit returning – so there is no income, empty rooms and another waste of my tax dollars

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  29. Hmmmmm says:

    So I have a question. Do BVIslander owned businesses have the same rights as BVIslanders? What happens to all the BVIslander owned businesses that have key staff outside of the Territory thereby negatively impacting their business? No problem? They should just replace them with someone here and that’s it? So all who are chanting keep them out, remember that it’s not just the permit holder suffering, but a BVI mortgage payer who is renting to an expat, BVIslander owned businesses that are suffering because key persons are away, keep it up.

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  30. What? says:

    So if one security watching up to 5 people, each person paying the full security fees? And if out of the 5 people, only 1 is an expat, the one expat paying for full security? Nonsense.

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  31. Necker Island says:

    So what is up with Necker Island? They have ‘family’ come in during the lock down. They have planes come in with work permit holders. Is there no quarantine for these guys? They go right to Necker island. The man himself fly out 2 weeks ago…he be back in a week. When you see he – ask him WTF!?
    Mosquito Island homes don’t even pay transfer tax (they get shares of Mosquito Ltd – so avoid paying). But owners pay $1 million a year to Mosquito for ‘maintenance’ fees.
    If you have lots of money, you know people, you get whatever you want no charge. If you just a regular guy here, you get hassled, you pay. Some things never change!

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  32. Truth is says:

    You all making a big noise about your taxes 90% of you come to the BVI and settle for minimum wage which means by year end your salaries do not accummulate to $10,000.00. One does not pay tax on the first $10,000.00. Then the construction workers who charge $130.00 and up daily, do not pay any tax,Social Security and NHI on the majority of their taxes. You all realy think we stupid. Sorry that it come to this but stop the scamming.

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  33. Expat are de ones says:

    If you ask me only expats crying and making noise.

    It’s so bad you hate your own island so. Us it so hungry for the us dollar so.

    I was told some of these other caribbean islands laws are worst than here. To the point not even accepting back their own people.

    Truth be told if i was hon. Fahie i would of done the same thing. All expats that are out stay out until its over.

    All locals comes first.

    Other thing i must say too. The way you expats talk so bad about tortola. Can i who live st Vincent or Jamaica or Trinidad or any other island. Sit and talk to a local person if that island mention and walk away safe.

    To me a lot not all but a lot if you guys are ungrateful.

    Many if you come here under one permit. Then end working someplace else, sometimes I wish i was working labor. Cause right now a lot if you guys are right down ungrateful and sickening to hear.

    Like someone said. You got a problem with the laws get your behind back home.

    The world not ONLY the bvi are looking out for their own people.

    HON FAHIE you keep doing. Cause if here had a high covid 19 case all of them would still be talking cap

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  34. so you know says:

    “The Grenada government is defending its policy on having persons, including nationals, book at a state-approved quarantine facility, at their own cost prior to traveling to the island.”

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  35. Vision of God says:

    As I said before the wrath of God is in the bvi take heed. I see a major hurricane coming our way. Humble ur selves and pray. God don’t destroy a city without warning. We all are one does not matter where I come from or you. In the eyes of God we are all equal. Stop hurting Gods people. Where is compassion we once had why place divison. Be careful u dont have to be begging other countries for help in time of needs.

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  36. Concerned Citizen says:

    The amount quoted is outrageous and I am national saying this, because my spouse is an expat who has contributed to this economy. No person national or non-national should be willing to pay this inflated cost. It is not affordable for me or more spouse, especially in these times, where most resources and security of livelihood are a concern. Employers as well I cannot see how this is affordable for all, since their operations and revenue cannot justify to upfront cost when they are trying to balance how to stay afloat. One has to plan for uncertainty in the near future to ensure survival of their business and continued employment of their staff.

  37. Watch says:

    The sttippers get to come and go anytime to please the horny politicians and well off . Who’s kidding who ? Parties during quarantine and everything that goes with it ?

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  38. Belonger says:

    This is crazy. $18 per hour for security?
    So each person is assigned a security guard?
    Must be the president of the United States!! Smh. Somebody making a killing off this pandemic. This is ungodly!!

  39. Like says:

    I meant to hit ‘like’

  40. ill get bashed but....... says:

    Returning students: FREE
    People who went overseas for medical attention: Free

    Everyone else whether Born Here, exempt, work permit holder should pay for their quarantine. End of story.

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  41. Crazy security fee says:

    Is this security fee of $18 per this for one security guard?

  42. Stop the maddness says:

    I am a BVI Lander and I do not agree with this policy. There is no way someone living her for 10,12,15 years on work permit, who have payed taxes, house rent and more be banned from this country!! You are not just hurting them but us as well. There will be no one to pay the house rents, wine and dine, and do a lot of the jobs some of us refuse to do. We CANNOT SURVIVE alone, we need other people whether we like it or not! BVI Landers let us stand up against this injustic

  43. Quarantiner says:

    There are two security guards per facility. Not per person. They have not so far been paid. It should be the BVI taxpayer that is allowed in , not the person who has some notion of belonger even though they might not have been here for years. In the 60s you could be a belonger on entry for $10. Those who did so can come and have a free holiday at some nice hotels if they like.

  44. Oh oh BVI.... says:

    I travelled the world and also lived a couple of years in the BVI, so I know you well. You people are practicing of what you say what others did wrong in the past. But you are much worse than the colonists of the past. Never seen so much hate, but believe it’s based on ignorance.

  45. Fooling the people all the time says:

    Does anyone realise the stupidity of the calculation? Why is there a one to one security to quarantined person in an institutional setting? There is really a need for education in this Territory.

  46. Desperate times/Desperate measures says:

    I am sure some BVIslanders are happy to know that some of these non nationals have to go back home because a lot of ayo have mashed up many marriages here in the BVI. Some of you all came here as Christians, but forgot God and mashed up many homes and left children without their fathers. I would like to see these home wreckers exit the country! Do you all think that life would continue as normal? Time to repent and turn back to God and to your home country. The Cayman islands starting sending home expats from the outset. Life as we know it has changed/is changing fast. Stop bashing the Government, they know what is best.

    I don’t like how families are separated, but these families need to make a decision ti be reunited. This virus has uprooted the entire world and there is worst to come. STOP wishing the BVI bad, some countries have banned US citizens. Can’t you all see what’s happening all around the world? Life will no longet be the same. The gravy train is coming to a screehing halt and our only home is in the Lord. Stop! Listen to what God is saying in the midst of all the noise.

    If you are not from here and on a work permit, if your employer can no longer retain your services, pack up and leave peacefully, God will be wth you wherever you go.


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  47. Transparency says:

    We know W—-k owns one. Who has he pressured into this?
    Who else owns or owns shares in these companies being used?
    This is scandalous.
    Using powerful positions to profiteer from a pandemic.

  48. Be careful says:

    Karma is more than just a B-tch so be Careful

  49. Don't believe the hype says:

    when I was in quarantine a few weeks ago, there were a expat family directly across from me. I know because I asked after hearing the accent. 4 persons. Big hotel. Government paid for them. Didn’t ask what their occupations was or who they were. So it might be based on a case by case matter.

  50. Leveller says:

    This could well turn out to be a new pillar.

    If we keep it in place permanently, all those tourists would need to drop $6-8k into the economy and our friends’ coffers before they even step on a beach. And lots of employment. We could then use the skills that we have developed to export prison tourism.

  51. System says:

    This system is meant to keep people poor how come so much for quarantine and salaries are so meager
    .minimum wages is 6$ Per hour. Yet 8000$ for a 14 days quarantine but 960$ for a month salary for some and that is before tax if that is not a crime I don’t know what is.

  52. James says:

    Let Carnival Cruise dock one of their ships instead of sending them to the scrapyard and let it serve as Quarantine Center

  53. HonestTruth says:

    All of this because of a virus that has a lower mortality and infection rate than flu or pneumonia.

    HCQ is proven to treat early stage infection by prevebting the virus from replicating. It is cheap, generic and readily available. Why not as returnees to start taking HCQ instead of paying out thousands of dollars?

    Is it because there is no profit to be made in HCQ?

  54. Fair says:

    Charge tourist and visitors not the returning work permit and exempted holders who got their rightful daily bread jobs waiting and families to feed. “Thou shalt not covet what your neighbour has.” Period.

  55. Castaway says:

    I have a home in the BVI that I still pay rent on even after 6 months being shut out. Why couldn’t I quarantine there? Why make it impossible for most expats to return. This is a cash grab policy, favoring the rich and those with good contacts.

  56. Gov Workers says:

    For persons that are unable to pay how about Givornment workers who are not engaged with full time work at the moment and are still on payroll.

    Have them do am 8 hour rotation shift.

  57. Me says:

    So tell me, we expats and locals were paying approx. $8k for each belonger/bvi islander to quarantine?

    Why was this kept silent?
    How much was paid for the belongers/bvi islanders so far?

    Why only now a breakdown is given?

    Expats would have contributed to the taxes already. Why can’t they benefit on a case by case basis?
    Or given the option for their Employer to pay for their quarantine?

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