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Your administration will come an end — Rosan-Jones speaks out

Cindy Rosan-Jones

Outspoken political critic and host of the Cut Deep talkshow Cindy Rosan-Jones has fired back at the Andrew-Fahie-led administration amid yesterday’s announcement of an upcoming Commission of Inquiry (COI) to investigate alleged political corruption in the BVI.

Back in December, it was alleged that Rosan-Jones’ criticism of the government led the Fahie-administration to make her position at the BVI Tourist Board redundant.

In a Facebook post, Rosan-Jones said the Fahie-administration will come to an end, adding that the upcoming COI is payback for the government’s decision to take her job.

“Andrew A. Fahie, I have told your administration and many cronies on several occasions that when you come for my job, your administration will come to an end. It is truly disappointing to see where your embattled administration has brought the BVI and the shame you have exposed us to. You were given an opportunity to right this ship but you’ve proven your ineptitude,” Rosan-Jones said.

“Not only will your administration not live out its term, who has to go to jail, WILL. It’s not every tree monkey does climb. The people of this territory are over your administration and the actions of your cronies. It is time to FIRE the VIP administration,” the post said.

Amid recent reports that his office has received a litany of complaints regarding lack of transparency in government, Governor Jaspert rocked the territory on Monday, January 18, with his decision to issue a COI to investigate political corruption in the BVI.

News of the inquiry has been broadcast by major news outlets including The BBC, The Guardian, Yahoo News as well as many regional news sites.

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  1. Pic says:

    That is one old picture.

    • idlewanderer says:

      True, but who can forget the infamous we the people against the insurers event (epic fail).

    • Stainlessbloke says:

      Re pic. It may be an old picture and an old story but it ain’t going anywhere. Its got a ‘transparency’ unlike the BVI govt shenanegans that continue on.

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    • @pic says:

      The pic is just fine. It shows just what you dealing with. She’s the outspoken version of the opposition wicked mind. I said it I said it. They are like stink cheese and bread.

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  2. Wise up says:

    … I also heard the inside information as to why she was fired and she don’t even know anyway miss continue now fight with the VIP see where it takes you.

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  3. Stainlessbloke says:

    Re pic. It may be an old picture and an old story but it ain’t going anywhere. Its got a ‘transparency’ unlike the BVI govt shenanegans that continue on.

  4. Leveller says:

    I think ms rosan-jones has misunderstood.

    i don’t think gus has done this because she lost her job.

    unless she has a hidden ability to bring down furious vengeance through some kind of witchcraft? Maybe it wasn’t the cats which caused all that trouble after all.

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    • patriot says:

      Leveller you are so right, this was not done because you lost your job Rosann, this was not done as payback for your job, i am no fan of the VIP, but people like you Rosann, you do not have the bvi at heart, your only desire is to see VIP sink and to hell with the rest, so move your fake @$$, take your revenge on your own.

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  5. Patriotic bvi says:

    Amen my sister.

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  6. USA says:


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  7. There you go says:


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  8. Calm down says:

    Cindy please try to understand the full scope of the effects of this on our country. Try to understand the motives. Seek for truth and wait until it reveals itself because it always does. Vengeance does not belong to you.

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  9. Not surprised. says:

    Not surprised where and how destiny and karma has taken our elected process.

    When during the campaign for the current government, a now elected high ranking official officially stated on social media, “all those who came before did the same thing, so i am going in to do the same, so shut your mouth.” The issue being discussed on social media at the time was politicians lining their pockets with government money.

    That mentality is now having its effects as falling lack of confidence in government.

    Those were unfortunate words to come from an aspiring elected official. Now that that individual was elected, the public is getting what it voted for, period.

    There must be some sort of vetting for politicians.

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  10. Belle Uve says:

    dirl shut your mouth remember you live in the bvi stop talking s,,, do you know that you can get sent back home and the same people you backing will be gld you gone you are so foolish try and see if you can get a nother job and stop being a fool the more you talk is the more you will get the end result the same government who helped you and famiky members you up and fown talking about them you should watch your dam mouth when you have skelton in your closet you need to shut up, Even if tou want the government to fall and another one come in you may not see the light of day so stop be stupid you did your self what ever happen to you do not bite the hand that feed you and still continue to feed yu if you go bavvvck st vincent you think you will get the charnces there like you have here tortla has its issues but people are glad to live here than in their own country so cool out and behave your self

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  11. Bank teller says:

    So funny! Someone who has been collected checks from NDP before she was fired by VIP is out here trying to clean up spill milk using a mop bucket without any bottom. Don’t know when her followers going to seriously have a chat with her…

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  12. Selfish says:

    So selfish! This happened because I lost my job?!?? Who C***Y think she really is!? You’re not P**** L***. You losing your Job is NOT the reasons for this. Also you spit in the face of your people for you’ve showed it’s about you NOT country….

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  13. Explain the math of couruption says:

    Forty millions from social security,,, means that forty thousand people could have gotten ten thousand each,, We know that didn’t happen,,as a matter a fact people who applied still didn’t receive any thing,,To hide the misuse they created a district allocations, even to that the math still not adding up,,, That’s where the fall out with the previous social security boss starts, she wanting a break down of how the money will be spent and that wasn’t taken lightly,, Maybe some went into paying civil servants salaries,,It might have been a good public relations and economics move when the place were lock down for a long time, government and civil servants were reduce to have pay, at that time half the country were home not working, not collecting a salary,, very little economical activities, that would have seen as understandable, We would have been in a better economical position today, to add even if every single none full salary or no salary worker Get something from social security forty millions, we would have millions in left overs,,

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  14. Hmmm says:

    Reality check!!!! This is not about you young lady…you probably were a pawn in the process
    … that went to spill your guts and give out infi but this is waybigger than you. There are principalities and powers in high places. There is a way to do things…trying to singlehandedly take the credit for investigating a government is very naive of you. Please be wise.

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  15. Joshua says:

    I do not believe the lady is indicating the COI came about because of her. What if that was the straw that broke the backs of the owners of the little piece of rock. We all know this place is corrupt to the core. Britan need to take back her country and send Gus back to manage the affairs of the islands. Power corrupts. I really thought the Premier was the one to lead us to the promise land. But we were so wrong. Time for a chang Her Majesty come quickly the ship is sinking.

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  16. Hmm says:

    It have to The Hon. Premier is not there forever just like how the opposition was in and out and in and out no one is there forever. So what’s your point?

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  17. What a ting !! says:

    Look at the message. Not the Message !! Look at SS personel He started doing the right ting but POWER truly corrupts …..

  18. Home Boy says:

    Well I know a lot of people did not sleep well last night. You all saw what the Governor did, he make sure he took home his FAMILY and came back and fired a scatter shot that caught a lot of people. This is something for us to be very concern about. I can see the UK taking over our FINANCES, the same way they took over Turks & Cacios FINANCES years ago. Andrew Fahie always say if we don’t POLICE our self some body will police us, that is exactly what is going to happen to us at the end of this. Very sad state of affair the BVI is in because of a bunch of greedy people.

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    • @Home Boy says:

      Hope not. With all my strenght, i will swim the wide open ocean until an animal consumes me.

      Like many ills of colonialism and imperialism, they should not have the authority to come and take over our finances. That seems a violation of a people.

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    • @Home Boy says:

      I slept just fine, Gus need to go home.

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  19. Anonymous says:

    When one builds a boat, load it with food, guns and bullets, sails around the world, encounters lands and people. Exterminates the people and steal the lands, Joshua, does stealing the property of others make that property legally yours? Just asking.

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  20. The Truth says:

    Yall can follow this l*****c if you want to lol

  21. 007 says:

    Tell Cindy when she ready to put some money where her mouth is am ready to bet that all that she said will not come to pass

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  22. ? says:

    I bet they love that she has blonde hair.

    Her administration will never begin regardless of who’s ends

  23. Musa says:

    If I remember correctly she was 1 person who enjoying bvi election and happy to see our new leader and today because she cannot get thing done her way our leader is bad .cindy try something new because bvi is very small place we all know our leader and we all know you .

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  24. SMH says:

    Will someone please muzzle this Cat. Being Outspoken doesn’t mean speaking out because Mouth did open. Cha! Tired of these Rantings. Want the Murders of all unsolved Cases be shaking in their pants.

  25. Home Boy says:

    Whoever think the UK can’t take over the BVI finance you are thinking wrong. Who and what will stop them, we have no rights here. If they did it to Turks they can do it to any OT, let us pray hard it dose not happen. Unless we go INDEPENDENCE, and that would not be overnight.

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