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Businessman allegedly found with coke and guns gets $150K bail

Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards, who initially denied bail to businessman Korrey Stoutt — one of three men found with guns and more than $1.7 million worth of cocaine last month — was effectively forced to offer him bail after his co-accused were granted bail at the High Court.

Magistrate Richards granted Stoutt $150,000 bail during his appearance on Thursday, June 18. 

His attorney, Stephen Daniels told the court that he was making a new bail application on the basis that Stoutt’s co-accused, Jordy Vargas and Dr Yamell Medina Acosta were released on $12,000 bail in the higher court.

Despite describing the news as ‘a hard and bitter pill to swallow,’ Magistrate Richards said it would be unfair to allow Stoutt to stay on remand while his two co-accused — who have no significant ties to the territory — are out on bail.

Stoutt is a USVI native with Belonger status and both his co-accused are natives of the Dominican Republic.  

Bail conditions

In the meantime, the conditions of Stoutt’s bail bond are that $100,000 is signed with two sureties. The remaining $50,000 must be paid in cash, the court ordered.

Stoutt was also ordered to surrender all his travel documents. He must neither visit the beach nor travel on water, and must be home between 6 pm to 6 am daily. He is further required report to the Road Town Police Station every day.

He was also told that police officers would make random checks at his Fort Hill residence to ensure that he abides by the bail conditions.

He is scheduled to return to court November 16.


Stoutt, in the meantime, is charged with ‘Possession of the Proceeds of Criminal Conduct’, and ‘Landing Without Leave of an Immigration Officer’ but pleaded not guilty to those offences. He is further charged with Breach of Curfew. He pleaded guilty to that offence. 

The businessman was also jointly charged with his two co-accused for Possession of a Controlled Drug With Intent To Supply To Another, Unlawful Possession of an AR15 rifle, possession of 10.736 kilograms of cocaine, and possession of a Nato 5.56 rifle With An Obliterated Serial Number.

They all pleaded not guilty when they appeared before the Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, May 27.

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  1. Wow says:

    Corruption wins once again, no justice no peace

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    • @ Wow says:

      Corruption is the BVI nickname ….it’s not called Nature’s Little Secrets for nothing.

      Those who see and are aware of it and could promote justice do nothing.

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    • Wait says:

      Just wait. Soon all the paperwork will disappear and all charges will be dropped. Crime pays in the BVI especially when your related to the ruling families. These people will not spend a day in prison.

      • Rubber Duck says:

        Does the government really want to stop drug dealing ?

        Especially the drop it in the water, stash it, earn big rewards that stay in the country and send the drugs on, variety.

        You think.

  2. Rubber Duck says:


    Say goodbye to him.

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  3. wtf says:

    Is this a joke? He entered the country illegally he should be in jail NOW for this alone.

    He is a USVI native and yopu give him bail WTF.

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  4. local says:

    high court following new sentencing guide lines Tamai get with the program offer bail .

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  5. Meh Son says:

    So the Magistrate granted bail, requiring $100K surety and $50K in cash, well knowing his co-accused got $12K bail at the high court? May as well have not granted him bail then.

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  6. BuzzBvi says:

    Did Hodge ever get taken back to court for the drug thing? This seems like the same get out of jail free manouver

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    • Mistake by DPP says:

      The DPP discontinued the proceedings in the BVI after the Redhead decision (Redhead refuses to extradite him because of the proceedings here) and now they cannot be recommenced. Given that gambling is the agenda of the day, you could say that Hodge bluffed and the DPP Bought the bluff. It was not the only mistake that the DPP made.

  7. so it go says:

    local 150 thou and outsiders 12 thou?

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  8. Pin money says:

    You think that’s a lot of money to drug dealers?

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  9. Speedboat says:

    This guy will be outa here on the next nocturnal speedboat to the USVI or PR.

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  10. Looking says:

    What the f$&@ Hodge got to do with this!!!

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  11. Tenna says:

    Corey! Corey! Corey!, Oh Corey!!

  12. independence says:

    is what we really need so our dealers do not get locked up by the British

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  13. AHA says:

    It is cheaper to let them out than for tax payers to feed them

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