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BVI’s active COVID cases spike to 49

The number of COVID-19 cases active in the British Virgin Islands has rocketed to 49. This is up from the 13 cases reported earlier this week.

Forty-two of the total known cases are on the main island of Tortola while the remaining seven are on the sister island of Virgin Gorda.

The Health Ministry’s latest epidemiological summary dated Wednesday, June 30 has indicated that the majority of the cases are “mildly symptomatic” while six are have not displayed any symptoms.

News of these increased cases follows a media bulletin from the Heath Ministry advising persons who attended Bregado Flax Educational Centre’s graduation ceremony this week to self-quarantine and contact the Public Health Unit. A similar advisory was issued to persons who recently visited select clubs on Tortola recently.

Other establishments such as OneMart Superstore in Purcell Estate and the Magistrate’s Court on Tortola have reported having employees who have tested positive. The supermarket has reported two cases while the court reported having one. Both establishments have taken requisite precautions to prevent the possibility of spreading the virus.

These new cases now bring the territory’s total number of recorded positive cases to 350.

The Public Health Unit is currently undertaking a major contact-tracing exercise in light of this COVID spike.


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  1. Slackey McSlack says:

    Sadly, those who have been vaccinated believe they are immune and some have let their guards down(masks,hand washing etc.) The look at the unvaccinated as if they are not humans. Many have personal reasons why they don’t want to be vaccinated. I know there’s still a lot of people who still didn’t get the shot.

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    • Um says:

      The reason they got vaccinated is so they could let their guard down without fear of COVID.

      That is how it works.

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      • cool says:

        I hope your guard stays down when your unvaccinated children get sick and you wonder why…oh that’s right, mommy and daddy got the prick so they let their guards down…but not to worry they got the prick so everybody can thank them for saving us all…yet somehow a fully vaccinated individual is positive and has suffered a stoke…oh but wait…who cares we are vaccinated so carry on.

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        • Clay Conn says:

          You don’t understand anything about how the vaccine works. It is no guarantee that you won’t get Covid. Realize that if you do not get vaccinated you have an almost 99.8% of surviving Covid anyway. So what additional protection is the shot? If you are under the age of 50 and relatively healthy, the shot offers no additional benefit. It should say something that despite all these restrictive protocols, the BVI is seeing another spike. You would be wise to be like Texas and learn to live with Covid and get your lives and your tourism back before you have nothing left to live for. Covid will never ever completely disappear.

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    • Doh says:

      Get the prick

      Don’t be one

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    • Vaccinated says:

      Not true. The vaccinated know they can still catch it but they wont die. The Unvaccinated are the complacent ones. The Government has done a good at containing the spread of Covid 19 so there has only been 1 death (last March 2020 which could have been avoided if she had not been turned away from the hospital). Its the unvaccinated ones who are at the most risk of dying. If Covid 19 hits the unvaccinated and they get it bad the hospital wont be able to cope with the numbers. Unfortunately, its only when the Unvaccinated become very ill will they realise they should have taken the vaccine.

  2. vi says:

    remember vaccinated people can carry the covid also, ship coming tomorrow, just be safe wear ur mask and wash ur hands, cases will keep on going up very fast

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  3. Concerned says:

    Well if it is spreading that fast its gotta be delta variant. People still wearing masks below the nose! Pure ignorance. Time running out. Get vaccinated!

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  4. Logic guy says:

    It would really help to know how many of those 49 are vaccinated.

    If none of them, then that might be inspiration for other to get vaccinated and be done with this mess.

    On the other hand, if vaccinated people are getting sick, then the anti-vax crowd might be right. Its going to be a dark winter.

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  5. Sadly says:

    Sadly, 4 months will separate the vaccers from the non. And then the Lord will need to sort it out. Look and see who is ordering caskets?

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  6. What I don’t get says:

    What sense did it make to get the first dose and not take the second dose. Seems like COVID is about to hit full force in the BVI. People just got lax and thought COVID WAS A JOKE.

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  7. No Astra says:

    Hope the govt. will restock its stock after months end. It should not give up its efforts until a majority of the population is vaccinated, as the infection rate is yet to increase further, due to increase people traffic, before it tapers off.

    It should also select the Pfizer or other. As, many are reluctant, due to the blood clot factor, with the Astra.

  8. Vaccinated says:

    The Unvaccinated have had their chance to get a free vaccine. Now vaccinated employees suffering and doing extra work because their colleagues wont take the vaccine and are sent home.

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