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Gov’t denies local manufacturing company from making, installing hurricane shutters during curfew

With the peak of the hurricane season now in full effect, the owner of one manufacturing company is unhappy he was denied the ability to continue creating and installing hurricane shutters for properties in the British Virgin Islands.

Owner of Scaffco Shutters Michael Burrill told BVI News on Friday that his company wrote to the Ministry of Health for permission to operate during the ongoing curfew. However, they were turned down.

“When we had a lockdown in March, we were given passes so we could carry on making shutters because we manufacture shutters here. I wrote to them as I did the previous time, the previous time I wrote to them, they wrote back and said ‘yes, we will give you passes’.”

When he wrote to the ministry for a second time recently, he said he did not receive a response so he wrote to them again.

He said the Ministry of Health then replied saying he would not be receiving passes as he did before because his business was not part of the list of essential services that have been approved to operate.

“We are unique here. There are no manufacturing companies here [in the BVI] and nobody else makes hurricane shutters. We have been doing it for 30 years. And they just said ‘denied’ basically. Hurricane protection is mandatory. We have customers with deposits, we have orders, we have shutters made and ready to go up, and we can’t do anything. It’s just like the demand for Christmas cards go up in December. It is to protect people,” he argued.

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While Burrill’s company employs some eight workers, he insisted that there is no overcrowding taking place at his establishment.

“We do not have people coming to our place, most of the business is done over the phone and email,” he stated.

In the meantime, our news centre’s attempts at contacting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Petrona Davies-Smith for a comment has been unsuccessful up to publication time.

Part of the reason for the partial lockdown was to curb the spread of the COVID-19. The BVI was recently classified as having clusters of the disease.


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  1. Windy says:

    The owner is not part of the big island name clic

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  2. Expat says:

    We have to get so much documents to return how are we able to get those when SSB, NHI and other offices are closed. Please let us in without all those hassle let us come in with our test put us in quarantine and test us again. We have our stuff to secure too for the peak season.

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  3. great man says:

    Mr Fahie boy they are after you did tour really stop hurricane shutters from being made I cant believe this sometimes we wish people would put out the truth whe they do wrong and stop blaming the Government remember other person does have dealings with such mmatters

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  4. Why? says:

    Why is this in the news? Is he the only person/entity being denied? Hardware stores are closed, too. There is a reason why they were denied.

    The missus was there on Facebook venting too.

    If government has to flip flop with all these peevish people we will be stuck in limbo here.

    Disgusting. Go chill out.

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  5. No rights says:

    I’m on of those Tolians who does be vex with the blog when they talking bad about island people . Boss you are not from here , you came here and make a good living for yourself and you contribute to society now abide with the law and go sit down.

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  6. unfair says:

    I see hymacs and big trucks working all over d place and nobody nah stop them

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  7. Fairness says:

    Surprised here… The local man feeling the pinch.

    Hope the government stand firm with their policy on essential businesses and not a case of discrimination against Scaffco Shutters. It obvious that locking down some business ain’t making sense but that’s the policy makers decision.

    Covid 19 shutdown plus a hurricane….what a sight this gonna be.

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  8. To Why? says:

    Take a lucky guess why he making a big fuss? With the many cases of the virus now popping up, the government is cracking down on many businesses….his business is not the only one. How about the numerous restaurants and hardware stores that were ordered to shut down. Some people always looking special treatment because of s_in color SMH

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  9. Something wrong says:

    Something is wrong and it may be me but i have seen for the past three days several businesses in the east end district open as if it business as usual. And what i do know is that they are not essential business. J******s fashion store is not an essential business. The Sp****h shop on the other side of the east end police station that sell DVDs clothing and top up is not an essential business.The store next to the bus stop on the other side of the former deputy premier that sells alcoholic beverages is not an essential business. These businesses have been open all day for the last three days. Come on people see something say something. Well i have done that and will continue. This virus with not slow down anymore in this country because of our mentality. These businesses fully well know they are not suppose to be open but blatantly flaunting the laws of this country. I am almost sure eastern is full of this virus. Sorry folks but only a full lock down can control this virus or slow it down until the local guys brings it in again because of greed .if these businesses continue to open i am going to open my business to.

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  10. Essential? says:

    Seems like construction is an essential business now because contractors and crews are working on lots of buildings out in the country. Back hoes, hi macs, dump trucks are all moving around with no problems. If contractors are installing windows in new buildings right now then why can’t Scaffco install shutters over those windows?

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  11. Customer says:

    Some Restaurants are open as well. I bought take out food yesterday from Sea Cow’s bay. Can’t understand why Supermarkets are allowed to sell cook food while Restaurants are not allowed. Where’s the fairness

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  12. Bvi says:

    Go home to work island ms

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  13. LB says:

    What good for the goose good for the gander. Everybody think or have a reason why their business should be allowed to operate during the curfew. Tell he go siddung and adhere to the curfew. It is just a couple days.

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  14. Yawn says:

    Have some patience. Covid is a problem right now. You knew hurricane season is every year. You should have been better prepared. The last time everybody was fussing and rushing to get outdoors now we have 26 cases and potentially more. If you think some of the people that frequent those nightclubs mentioned are the type to just go and get tested before they have any symptoms you would be foolish.

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  15. Lock down says:

    I am calling on the authorities for a full lock down of this country. This virus has spread do much that what we are trying to help curb it cannot work. Since many are calling to use measures that other countries used i am call for a ticket system for all violators of the laws that is passed to help slow down this virus. A ticket system is needed just like Trinidad. Please implement it fast.

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  16. No nonsense says:

    Let the present government kiss zzz. The private helicopter for the exclusive Island can come and go, when and how dem please. And self quarantine under whose watch??? But I cant get lumber and other repair materials. With storms brewing NO HURRICANE SHELTERS!! WHO OR WHICH IS MORE ESSENTIAL??? THIS IS WHAT COVID IS TELLING US ONLY THE RICH WILL SURVIVE

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  17. Dumb says:

    Who ever wrote this comment is as dumb as the electricity poles on the road side .your brain is like sewer water that runs on the bvi road.

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  18. Trump says:

    You gotta learn to live with this virus. Otherwise when you gonna open da borders to tourists. You can be like New Zealand but with massive unemployment or you can adapt this is an elderly killer. No issue for the majority.

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  19. systems says:


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  20. Lol says:

    If a person in the helicopter lives on an remote island he is already in quarantine idiot

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  21. Anonymous says:

    Location Location Location they are located in a hotbed of Covid

  22. whistle blower says:


  23. peace says:

    New Zealand follows WHO guidelines Trump dumped them ….and there it is. We follow WHO guidelines, and apart from border patrol… which has done a great job, we are not in the mess that USVI, Dominican Republic etc are in with Covid 19. The problem I have is just this. Allow our Navy to help where necessary and keep deep seated resentment out of this time. We have no idea of the pandemic, or the storm season ahead. Be smart political, bloggers, and thank those who are ready to help in the case of serious problems ahead. Be kind and caring.

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  24. @whistle blower says:

    Then call the Police instead of been a lil b***h on here

  25. call says:

    Everyone complaining other people open so call the Police and get them shut down or shut up

  26. Hmmm says:

    Please let us all do our part, comply with the government’s guidance and keep this virus out of our country.

  27. Huh? says:

    Hurricane season started on 1st june. Why aren’t people already prepared? If a storm had creeped up on us in June we’re saying people would not have been prepared? Ridiculous. Be ready! stay ready. Like we haven’t learnt anything from 2017.

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  28. Question says:

    If non essentials open up, who approved them to open up? The minister’s of government has to go around to spot check? Who really has to enforce. Isn’t it the Police? Cannot be the health inspectors either because they don’t have the numbers.

  29. Smart manager. says:

    Hahahaha….Smart marketing and free ad move by Scafco..The gave youlime, u make lemonade..

  30. Lol says:

    It’s all ok now, cleared to open. Should never have been denied in the first place.

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  31. Chak. says:

    just a little question to the Gov…
    WHEN are you planning to lock down the whole island??? when we get 100 active case???

  32. boo says:

    denied for a few days..smh just chill out

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