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NDP throws full support behind Walwyn in wake of his arrest

File photo of Walwyn at a previous NDP political rally.

The National Democratic Party (NDP) has thrown the full weight of its support behind its embattled former chairman Myron Walwyn who served within the previous NDP government as Education Minister. 

The party issued a statement yesterday, November 23 expressing unequivocal solidarity with the former chairman and said it has now properly considered the announcement of his arrest. 

Walwyn was arrested and charged weeks ago for the offence of Breach of Trust in relation to the controversial construction of the Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS) perimeter wall.

But according to the party’s statement, Walwyn has been a trusted member of the NDP since he first joined in 2010. It further said that as a member of the NDP, Walwyn has always demonstrated consistency in good character and during his tenure as minister, he ensured that his actions and intentions were morally aligned. 

Adding a disclaimer, of sorts, in its message of support, the NDP said it did not wish to prejudice the ongoing legal matter out of respect for the justice system. “Nonetheless, the National Democratic Party wishes to make it clear that we stand by the significant contributions made by former Minister for Education, Youth Affairs and Sports, Honourable Myron V. Walwyn, towards the development of the Virgin Islands, and in particular, within our education and culture sectors,” the NDP stated.

Walwyn had issued a statement of his own in the wake of his arrest which was condemned by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) as having the risk of swaying a potential jury pool.

According to a Facebook post issued by the DPP’s Office, Walwyn’s press release not only serves to adversely affect a likely trial but also “serves to undermine the course of justice in the territory”.

Proven leader

In the meantime, the NDP described Walwyn as a proven leader and an outspoken and active advocate for the BVI’s youth, national pride, and for democratic principles and policies. “In that vein, he has worked diligently to advance our education system, and develop our culture, and our national pride and awareness,” the party stated. 

Commenting further on Walwyn’s contributions to the education sector, the party noted that the former minister also worked alongside various experts to develop special education within the territory, adding that he believes every child should be allowed to learn and thrive. 

“He has made the right to a quality education a reality for all Virgin Islanders and has championed and prioritised safety in the school environment,” the NDP said while noting other achievements.

The statement added: “We fully expect that in the matters surrounding the Elmore Stoutt High School wall project, his claims of innocence will be vindicated by the courts. We also look forward to, should he so choose, welcoming him back as a party candidate, to contest the next general elections.”

Walwyn resigned as chairman of the party following its loss at the 2019 elections, leaving current Health Minister Marlon Penn and Fourth district Representative Mark Vanterpool as the only elected officials remaining with the party once Sixth District Representative Alvera Maduro-Caines crossed the floor


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  1. Stay strong says:

    Anyone could see this for what it is. Myron has been a good representative and a productive minister. There is a plot to bring this man down for whatever reason. They want to destroy one of the few politicians who was good for this country and the people. I have never seen anything like this before. I have faith in you Myron and I know you will be vindicated because you are good people. Stay strong brother. This will make you stronger and better.

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  2. Wow says:

    I see many people will be getting coal from santa for Christmas LOL

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  3. LB says:

    We will not be fool the man should not even consider running he has let us all down plus his family

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    • @LB says:

      I am a proud family member of Myron Vernel Walwyn so you better go back to the pits of hell where you came from with that. He has never let us down and never will. Myron is very good person so you better climb off that tree and find another one to climb.

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  4. idea says:

    Does this mean that the NDP welcomes the practice of public funds distributions that will benefit some and hurt the community as a whole?

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  5. 2 cents says:

    Every person is innocent until proven guilty. Anyone could accuse someone else of something. It is up to the accuser to prove in this case beyond reasonable doubt that a crime was committed. Until then Myron is innocent in my eyes. If haters want to come on and blog to satisfy whatever biases that they have inside them then that tells a lot about those individuals. Stay strong Myron.

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    • we crazy says:

      How could anybody with a conscience dislike the comments made by 2 cents? We cannot be real human beings in the BVI. We are badminded and wickedness wrapped in human flesh.

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  6. @idea says:

    It means that the NDP respects the rule of law and the presumption of innocence before guilt is proven. I believe you would want the same respect accorded to you if you were accused of something. Your blogs gives an in sight into the kind of person that you are. I suggest you go and have yourself cleansed.

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  7. At @idea says:

    So what did Andrew did, ain’t the same dam thing… give fishers and farmers (few) and forget about the rest of us (community). Stop hating and ego tripping, he (Myron) did more than Andrew when he was minister of Education. You have two educators that hold the post and can’t accomplish anything since in office, Myron and his team improved the system and culture since.

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  8. Good says:

    We will vote for you Myron, don’t mind the foolish noise around the place. Sometimes it’s easy to take things for granted when we get comfortable but having experienced this VIP Government I would take the NDP back tomorrow! Myron did well for our youth and development overall, imagine if he was still a Minister? Charge or no charge pending I will vote for Mr. Walwyn as he is a proven leader and as the late Hon. Ralph O’neal said from on the other side, Walwyn was the DIN Minister – DO IT NOW!!!

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  9. Vindicated says:

    The BVI is in need of strong leaders now and I see Myron as one of those who is needed now. I strongly believe he will be vindicated. We need him back in the House of Assembly to help to stand up for our country. I feel as if no one is standing up for the BVi right now.

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  10. Hmmm says:

    I read the NDPs statement and saw all they highlighted about Walwyn’s achievements. This is great, it but does not remove the ludicrous awarding of so many contracts to build one wall. Many of the contractors were unqualified. It was poor judgement/poor practice etc even if somehow this was the norm in Government. The NDP should be ashamed for condoning it. Find other ways to get money in economy. This old way of politics has destroyed the BVI, period!

    He may ultimately be found not guilty but I will forever be disappointed that this somehow could be viewed as right. It is simply not right!

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  11. hmmmm says:

    This is nothing but a witch hunt periodt. Why didn’t the commissioner lay charges back in 2020 when he completed the investigation. He said on radio that the auditor general report did not have enough in it to arrest and charge anyone. What has changed? Why did a completed investigation end back up in an administrative COI? The UK made up lies about corruption in their report and now are desperate to backfill their made up story with anything. They might arrest eggie soon and call him corrupt.

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  12. Hello says:

    I have always respected Mr Walwyn’s intelligence and get it done energy. My admiration was highest when he nade it clear that the schools’ curriculum and structure was in need of revamping and made attempts to do just that. I was impressed that he agreed with Lorna Smith’s suggestion that Mandarin be taught in our schools.
    On any and all occasions when I saw him he was personable, outgoing, well fitted abd suitably and impeccably dressed. He makes a good appearance and representation.
    I endorse Mr Walwyn.

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  13. Prometheus says:

    I am grappling with this new concept of cancel culture. Sorry to say its alive and well here in the BVI.When you are deemed a threat to the political class be very aware. I commend Walwyn for fighting back! You’re an inspiration to many who have been victimized by the system.

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  14. @hmmmmm says:

    What is not right is you condemning Myron just based on what is alleged. You cannot do that. Myron, Lorna Stevens and Steve Augustine spoke well at the COI interviews and explained this project. It was clear to me that the auditor general’s report is in dispute. In fact Myron presented evidence that showed up a lot of the inconsistencies. Steve Augustine blew the report up with his testimony. You can’t on one hand present yourself as someone who stands for what is right but on the other hand trying to condemn someone without due process.

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  15. FORGET IT says:

    no amount of spin will help!!!! Myron made history as the first Politian to be arrested in the BVI

    at least Cyril and Drew were arrested overseas.

    Shame Shame on the NDP for them to endorse wrong doing. NOT MY VOTE EVER AGAIN

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  16. @LB says:

    You are a hater. Why don’t you put your hat in the ring, coward!

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  17. Waylox says:

    Only now aryo coming to the rescue of this jail bird?

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  18. Peter Tosh says:

    “Another pirate I say”

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  19. Good man says:

    I will say it again, this man is a great man, he help many who the other politians turned a blind eye to. Walwyn you will be set free of all this crap.

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  20. @hmmm says:

    Haha!!! Eggy still around? He better run fast because they coming for him next for truth if he is even remotely seen as a threat when it comes to defending the virgin islands.

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  21. nice person says:

    He is one of the few you could have gone to for help and he genuinely work hard to help you. Its not just me. I experienced it for myself and I heard many others saying the same thing. When you are good evil always come after you.

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  22. BuzzBvi says:

    Surely their character statement should wait for the court case. Sounds like NDP standing behind Walwyn even if it is found he is guilty. How is that right? We’ll be pardoning drug smugglers and racketeers next. There is no hope for our leaders in the BVI. WRONG IS WRONG. No matter the qualities of the character The VI needs a new way that gets behind that concept.

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    • @BuzzBVI says:

      Did the NDP statement say that? You clearly did not read it before you posted. Isn’t Walwyn deserving of support from the people who know him and his character? Is there no longer the presumption of innocence or once the UK say you did something that it so without them having to prove it?

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  23. Homeboy says:

    I am voting for myron this election and no one else. Take that.

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  24. WEW says:

    Crooks attract crooks

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  25. Interested says:

    Wonder who wrote the statement.
    Hope they know what they are doing?
    Did they get the pulse of the majority of the voting public ?

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  26. Interested says:

    Statement could be construed as “birds of a feather “.

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  27. The agey chimbers says:

    From reading these comments it seems like myrun has already influenced the jury pool.

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  28. esteemed one says:

    Birds of a feather

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  29. @Buzz says:

    You are being hypocritical. He was part of NDP Government when the investigation started and they didn’t throw him under the bus then, why would they do it now? They clearly said in the statement that justice will take its toll and what’s to be will be. Meanwhile, they are supporting their colleague who in their view did nothing wrong. They are not the law so it’s still up to the court to decide. That does not mean they cannot support him.

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  30. SMH! says:

    I ain voting for none past or present representatives! ALL lack proper “financial management”. Bring candidates that are smart; have leadership qualities; have proper management skills and whose business is not BROKE! Hoping to dip into the Treasury to save their failing business.

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    • @SMH says:

      Well it sound like only you and Jesus name would be on the ballot paper for election. From how it sound you might turn on Jesus and accuse him of all kinds of things so you could win lol

  31. Go forward says:

    Myron I believe in you and I trust you that your hands are clean. That is the Myron I know. The people who were never for you would not be for you. Those who were truly for you would still be there regardless. I believe you have a lot more for you than against you. Stand up. Chin up. Be strong and take a lead ship role in this country once again. We need people like you.

  32. citizen says:

    Funny man was on a speed hope this arest slows him down not going to vote for anyone who could end up in jail

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  33. LCD says:

    Can someone who is arrested and charged prevent the police from arresting and charging them? Think about it. All the person can do is defend themselves. The requirement is on those accusing to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the person committed a crime – not that they made mistakes, but that they committed a crime. Until such time, the person is innocent until proven guilty. Myron your character is intact in my book. Let those who have accused you prove it in court. Don’t listen to these mouth champions out here who glad to crucify people without due process. These same people would do that to even their own family members and friends so don’t take it personal. Just defend yourself which I know you can do.

  34. @citizen says:

    This exactly how they want to have us thinking. You could be foolish enough to let it happen to you but I will be voting for him. Myron didn’t do a thing criminal and they know it. This is a game. Then again you are probably just a hater who would not have voted for Myron in the first place. We better start to look at the bigger picture and stop the tribalism.

  35. Not A Good Look says:

    Noel Lloyd once remarked “Its a pity that Virgin Islanders are such individualists.” We doomed.

  36. Others are worse says:

    Jail. Myron admitted he was Guilty.

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  37. A good man says:

    You all hate the man because he is a shoulder above the others . If you ask to give a reason why you hate him, people will fumble and cannot pin point a fact but a wall where more eat bread that putting it in few pockets

    He brought education to a high standard . Praise God he had introduce online teaching … CXC before thepandemic . The base was set .
    Government paid for all
    Students to write CXC no
    Pick and choose
    He gave scholarships to more poor parents than any other minister even though the board deny poor parents who were not in social networking.
    He helped both locals and expatriates . Some of the ungrateful individuals in the Edu. Ministry are there because of him
    And they turn around and I’ll speak him … just because his wife is a Vincentian… sad for them now , who is the First Lady now . Glass ceilings will break . Where is the indigenous Premiet ? Shackled in …. Come off the man back . He is a helpful fellow

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  38. @others are worse says:

    You understand the nonsensical post you just made? Jail people just do? Where we live? You good in your head at all?

  39. Brief analysis says:

    Andrew and Myron were the only two could handle this UK thing now. I preferred Myron because he more intelligent, more honest and better researched. Andrew got himself in his own mess. Now they want Myron out of the way. Don’t fall for this bogus show by the UK. They only want to deal stooges like unity government who they turn and twist as they like.

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  40. Nonsense says:

    @others are worse

    What sense does this post make?

  41. Straight up says:

    All because this man is loved by a lot of people for his kind hearted and caring attitude is why the political class is against him. They are afraid of how powerful this brother is. What is for you will be yours Myron. Let the haters do their thing. It will come to nought.

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  42. Rubber Duck says:

    Amazing if true. That wall would have cost $50,000 max if run by someone honest.

    Another cr**k amongst the many.

  43. Open your eyes! says:

    If Andrew did the things alleged then he should pay. But people open your eyes from your slumber. Your string leaders are under attack. Can’t you see that? Are you that blind? Look at those ridiculous charges against Myron that cannot stand in court. All this is to destroy his name. Pay attention to what is happening in your country.

  44. @rubber duck says:

    You expect anybody to believe that the wall around the high school that they could see now would cost 50k to build? That sound like something sensible to you? Clearly you have never built anything in your life. So if it was overpriced deliberately then the whole cabinet of the country, the ministry of finance, the project manager, architect, engineer, the ministry of education people would have colluded with Myron to increase the price to what it ended up costing. Or was it myron who draw the plans, cost them himself, supervised the project, processed the payments, he was the only one in the cabinet meeting by himself …… this make any sense?
    People like you are just haters who would join outsiders to destroy your own for your own personal biases. This is why the BVI will not get any better. We have a lot of bad citizens.

  45. hmmm says:

    This is the problem we have in the BVI. Myron was not condemned. I happen to really like Myron and I am disappointed that he is caught in this mess. The act of contracting 70 different contractors, some unqualified, for 1 wall was condemned. The ACT, not the person. These are 2 different things and until we can learn to separate these, we will forever have a problem in the BVI.

    The next time you have a small building project, please hire 70 contractors. Then ensure some have never built anything in their life or let the a/c man put up the walls!

  46. @hmmmm says:

    To hire 70 contractors to do a wall the length of the high school wall is criminal? How?

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